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What Do the Cup Cards Mean?


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Four of Cups
What Do the Cup Cards Mean?

The Four of Cups reminds us to look at the balance of a relationship.

Rider Waite cards by US Gaming Systems; Photo © Patti Wigington 2010

Four of Cups

A new friendship is being formed. This card may also mean that there are strings attached to a relationship, so it’s important to find out what's expected of you before allowing the relationship to go further. Are you giving more than you’re taking, or vice versa? Remember that a relationship should benefit both parties mutually. Make sure that whoever you’re hanging around with is in your life because you really like each other, not because one of you hopes to gain something.

Four of Cups, Reversed

This card often indicates a relationship that isn't as good now as it once seemed to be, or one that has run its course. Sometimes, we outgrow relationships. We find that we no longer have anything in common with the person, or that our opinions have changed about things we used to agree on. If this card comes up and it’s reversed, it’s time to do some soul-searching, and think about whether or not you need to end a relationship that neither party is finding beneficial.

Other Four Card Meanings:

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