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What Do the Cup Cards Mean?


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Page of Cups
What Do the Cup Cards Mean?

The Page of Cups is considered a messenger card -- what is someone trying to tell you?

Rider Waite cards by US Gaming Systems; Photo © Patti Wigington 2010

Page of Cups

Like all Pages, the Page of Cups is a messenger card. It usually means someone is trying to get your attention - or maybe even your love! It may point towards someone who is a thoughtful and passionate young person – or someone who is young at heart. Often, this individual is someone who is willing to do things on behalf of the querent, for a variety of reasons. In cases where the Page doesn’t refer to a person, it can also mean a message regarding a happy family-related event – births, weddings, engagements, or gatherings.

Page of Cups, Reversed

Think of the reversed Page as the upright Page’s moody twin brother. While it may indicate someone – perhaps a young person -- is trying to get you to notice them, their methods may not always reflect the best choices. This card can indicate stagnation, deception and obstacles. It can also mean that unpleasant news is coming, or that someone who is doing things for you may have ulterior motives.

Other Page Card Meanings:

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