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The Pentagram Tarot Spread


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5 - Water: The Tides of Intuition
The Pentagram Tarot Spread

The Water card in this Querent's layout was a reversed 6 - The Lovers.

Image © Patti Wigington 2007

Position five is the Water card, and Water is typically associated with the powers of the Goddess. This is the element of wisdom and intuition, and ultimately, this is where the Querent will find what their intuition is telling them. What can they learn from this situation? How can they adapt their current circumstances to meet their future needs and goals?

Willow's Water card was a reversed 6 - the Lovers. Although this card in reverse can sometimes symbolize poor relationship choices, it can also indicate a need to focus on our rational needs over our desires -- in other words, a matter of head over heart. Willow's intuition was telling her that this decision should be made based upon common sense, rather than emotional reactions.

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