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Samhain is known as the witch's new year, and it's a time when the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest. It's a season of death and dying and darkness, and hearkens the coming of winter's chill. No matter how you celebrate this Sabbat, chances are good that you've decorated your altar to reflect your views of the season. Here are some of our reader-submitted photos of Samhain altars.

As of October 2010, our photo submission process has changed. You can send in a photo of your Samhain altar by using the form here: Samhain Altar Submissions. Please be sure to use the form - any photos submitted via email will be deleted unopened.

Finally, please do not send in photos of altars that do not belong to you.

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Misty's Samhain AltarNicole's Samhain AltarJamie's Samhain AltarGianna's Samhain Altar
Lisa's Samhain Altar 1Lisa's Samhain Altar 2Roberta's Ancestor AltarRoberta's Samhain Altar
Jio's Samhain AltarShelley's Samhain AltarShelley's Ancestor AltarJoni's Samhain Altar
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