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Samhain, The Witch's New Year

Learn about the history of Samhain -- as well as some popular misconceptions -- and different ways to celebrate. It's a great time of year to honor your ancestors, hold a seance, make clever crafts and host a feast!
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  2. Samhain Crafts (19)
  3. Samhain Magic (10)
  4. Samhain Prayers (6)
  5. Samhain Rituals (10)
  6. Samhain Traditions (11)

When is Samhain 2011?
Samhain is known as the Witch's New Year. What is the date for Samhain 2011?

All About Samhain
Some people celebrate it as Halloween, but for Wiccans and Pagans, October 31 is typically known as Samhain. It's the old Celtic new year - sometimes called the Witch's New Year - and it's a time for honoring those who have crossed over into the spirit world.

When is Samhain 2009?
Samhain is known as the Witch's New Year. What is the date for Samhain 2009?

When is Samhain 2010?
Samhain is known as the Witch's New Year. What is the date for Samhain 2010?

Samhain History
Samhain is celebrated October 31, the same night as Halloween. However, this Sabbat has roots that go back thousands of years. Learn about how Samhain became All Hallow's Eve.

Setting Up Your Samhain Altar
The evening of October 31 is known as Samhain. It's a time to mark the endless, ongoing cycle of life and death. Here are some ideas for dressing up your home and sacred space for your Samhain celebrations.

Samhain Altar Gallery
Want to see how other readers have decorated their altars to celebrate Samhain? Be sure to check out our Samhain Altar Gallery for some great ideas!

Gods and Goddesses of Death and the Underworld
In many cultures, gods of the underworld and death are celebrated during the harvest time. Learn about these gods and goddesses who preside over the domain of the dead.

Is It Anti-Pagan to Celebrate Halloween?
A reader is concerned that there's a conflict between the silly fun of Halloween and the more somber spiritual aspects of Samhain. Is it disrespectful, or anti-Pagan, to celebrate Halloween?

Thirteen Spooky Poems for Samhain
Samhain night is a great time to sit around a fire telling spooky stories. Check out this witch's dozen of classic scary poems to read, either alone or out loud. Some are for adults, some for kids, but all are worth reading at Samhain!

The Twelve Days of Samhain
Looking for a fun Samhain tune to sing? This one follows the old Christmas standby, so everyone knows the melody!

Twas the Evening of Samhain
This clever poem was written by author Cather Steinkamp, and pays homage to the classic "Night Before Christmas" in a Pagan theme.

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