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Make a Straw Man for Samhain


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Finishing Things Up
Make a Straw Man for Samhain

Once you've tied off his legs and arms, place your King of Winter in a place where he can watch over your home and garden during the cold months.

Image © Patti Wigington 2007

Finally, spread the lower part of the fatter bundle apart, forming two halves as the legs. Bring the string down (Figure C) and wrap around the "thighs" to keep the legs in place. If your branches seem like they're too fluffy, tie a small length of string in place around the wrists and ankles; as the greenery dries it won't stick out as much.

This is a very basic design, and you can either leave your straw man as rustic as you like or pretty him up a bit, it's entirely up to you. Save him until Spring, and then burn him as part of your Beltane celebrations.

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