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Ellen Dugan Interview

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Guide Patti: Your most recent book, "How to Enchant a Man" is doing well. Even though I've already enchanted one of my own, I did pick up a copy to read, and was surprised because it seemed a little different in style from your previous works. While it's just as much fun to read as your garden-oriented books, this one seems to focus a lot more on female empowerment. What influenced you to write this one?

Ellen Dugan: Okay I keep running into variations on that comment of “I already have enchanted my man…” To which my response is, “Well you go girl.” However, I think people are missing the forest for the trees here…. if you have a man then don’t you want to know how to KEEP him enchanted? I’ve been married for 26 years. And marriage or any other romantic relationship/partnership is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week job. It is not a faery tale. It is in fact, hard work.

This book’s topic is not a slur on the reader’s relationships or on their abilities or talents as bewitching women ... it is in fact a celebration of what makes us as Witches, powerful creatures. This book explores how we can use this feminine power and our magick with love, wit, wisdom, and honor to enhance out love lives. I really let my sense of humor rip on this book. So if you enjoyed the humor in my other books, you’ll go crazy for this one. Life is funny. Love makes us all crazy and magick is a joyous thing- why not combine these and see what we get?

We should never take love for granted- nor should we take the men in our lives for granted either. That being said, the quickest most sure-fire way to keep a good man, or to enchant a new man is to be an empowered woman. This is what the book explores. There is magick for both single women and married women. A look at your elemental personalities (yours and his) and how they can work together. You’ll find a survival guide to keeping your marriage vital and your self-confidence high when you are surrounded by children. There are plenty of bewitching tips for real women, that can put a little spice back in their sexual relationship. You will learn seasonal herbal love charms and romance spells, and practical love magick.

Furthermore there is a chapter devoted to the darker side of love. Here there is information and magick to help cope with divorce and break ups, and for starting over fresh. A serious discussion is included on breaking a love spell gone sour, and the book features a kick-ass Uncrossing ritual. (I have had readers buy the book for that ritual alone.) Yes, this is a different type of book from me. However something I state over and over in all of my books is that, “The truest, strongest magick always comes from the heart.”

Guide Patti: You've mentioned that you first became aware of your own psychic/clairvoyant abilities as a teen. I often get emails from teens who say "There's all this weird stuff happening to me, what should I do?" I'm wondering what advice you might have for kids who are starting to realize they're different, and that they have these unusual gifts.

Ellen Dugan: Everyone has psychic abilities. It is not that they are “unusual”, it is that they are open enough and sensitive enough to experience the psychic event. Now, intuition is the most common psychic talent and we use it every day. Don’t be afraid. Instead, go to the library and read, research and discover what you are experiencing. Look up titles on psychic development, intuition and clairvoyance. Psychic abilities tend to fall within five main areas. Intuition, clairvoyance, empathy, precognitive dreams and clairaudience.

As I suggest in my book Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal and Practical Magick, keep a notebook and write down the psychic event when it happens to you. When the event plays out, write that down too. Then as time goes on you will begin to see patterns. Also, I have included a quiz in the Natural Witchery book which will help the reader figure out where their psychic talents lie. And better yet, with a little practice and time they can put their talents to good use.

Guide Patti: In the past twenty years or so, Wicca has become a bit mainstream — after all, I can buy your books at Barnes & Noble, and obviously we have entire websites devoted to Wicca and other forms of modern Paganism. As a more public perception of Wicca steps into the limelight, what sort of changes — both positive and negative — do you see affecting the religion as a whole?

Ellen Dugan: I think that Wicca and Witchcraft in our culture will become more common, and eventually accepted. When people ask me what sort of books I write they typically react very well. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been in an airport and had several people ask me about my books, or strike up a conversation about magick and witchcraft. People are curious, and fascinated when they learn the truth. The future is what we make of it. All of us, whether we are public Witches or not, are role models. So it is up to us to set outstanding examples, to be good people, to raise our children responsibly and to teach the next generation.

Guide Patti: As more and more people are raising children in earth-based and Goddess-focused traditions, where do you see Paganism going in the next twenty years? Is this next generation of Pagans and Wiccans going to carry on the traditions we're instilling in them now, or are they going to take things to another level, and create something completely new out of what we've taught them?

Ellen Dugan: The next twenty years should be a amazing opportunity for growth, change and acceptance for all religions. It will be up to us to see to it that ours is accepted and understood. That starts with our children. I have three kids all in their 20’s now, and I look to the future with a great deal of hope. I raised three smart, talented, open-minded adults. They are brave, loyal, loving and honest people. I would imagine that the next generation will do as we have done and take this beyond what we could have imagined.– We have evolved and grown as a community, and will continue to do so. The future looks bright.

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