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Protection Spells and Magic

Looking for magical workings to provide protection to you, your family, and your property? Here's a collection of protection rites and rituals that you can try. From nails in the ground to hematite stones, there's a little bit of protection folk magic for many different needs.

Protection Magic Folklore
In many magical traditions, workings can be done to ensure protection of home, property, and people. There are a number of simple ways you can do protection workings. Try one or all of these to secure your home and hearth.

Onion Braid Protection Charm
Onions are often associated with protection - braid a few together to create a charm that will keep your hearth and home safe.

Protection Oil
Brew up a batch of protection oil, and use it to anoint your home and family to keep everyone safe.

Magical Self-Defense
Think you might be cursed or hexed? Learn how to figure out the difference between a magical attack and just coincidence. Also, be sure to read about how you can protect yourself from psychic or magical attacks from others.

Breaking a Curse or Hex
Are you worried that you might be the target of a curse or hex? Here are some tips on how to break negative spells that have headed your way.

Preventing Psychic Attack
Want to prevent magical or psychic attacks from happening? Here are some tips - both magical and mundane - to help you prevent magical or psychic attacks.

Home Protection Prayer to the Morrighan
This simple prayer calls upon the Morrighan, Celtic goddess of battle and sovereignty, for protection from those who may attempt to trespass against you.

The Chill Out Spell
Got someone who's driving you nuts and won't get off your case? Try this simple "chill out" spell to reign them in.

Quick Spell to Stop a Gossip
Got someone who's spreading malicious stories about you? Try this simple spell to stop a gossip.

Sweet Dreams Protection Pillow for Kids
If your little ones are afraid of Things that go Bump in the Night, put together this Sweet Dreams pillow. It will help keep away the scary stuff, and it's a great magical project you can work on with your child.

Black Salt

Banishing Spells and Folklore
If you've got people in your life that are causing you pain and suffering, you might want to try a bit of magic. These banishing spells are popular in folklore.

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