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Food Blessings, Pagan and Wiccan Style


Food Blessings, Pagan and Wiccan Style

Many Pagans and Wiccans offer a prayer of some sort prior to a meal. Typical prayers focus on giving thanks to the gods for the food which is to be consumed.

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Consumption and preparation of food can be a time for silent reflection and prayer.

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Christianity doesn't have a monopoly on saying a prayer over food and drink. Many religions celebrate the consumption of food with some sort of prayer of thanksgiving. Many Pagans and Wiccans believe that not only should we thank the gods for our food, but also the earth and the food itself. After all, if you're eating plants or meat, something had to die so that you could have a meal. It seems rude not to thank your food for its sacrifice.

Any of the following may be said over a meal, a Cakes and Ale ceremony, or any other event where food is served. Feel free to include the names of the deities of your tradition, of you prefer.

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