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Pagan Prayers and Incantations

Need a prayer, poem or incantation for a spell or ritual, but can't think of the right words? Here's a good place to start looking for ideas.
  1. Mealtime Prayers (6)
  2. Pagan Kids Bedtime Prayers (6)
  3. Prayers for Death Rituals (4)
  4. Prayers for a Deceased Pet (5)
  5. Prayers to Deity (12)

Energy/Prayer Requests
Do you feel like you need your fellow Wiccans and Pagans to send some positive energy your way? Do you know someone who could use healing prayers or light sent their way? Post your energy/prayer requests here, or feel free to offer up a prayer for someone who may be in need.

Pagan Prayers for All Occasions
Looking for a prayer for a special event or ceremony? Check here for our ever-growing list of Pagan and Wiccan prayers!

The Role of Prayer in Wicca and Paganism
Prayer is a conversation, sometimes one-sided and sometimes not, between us and the Divine. Although some Pagans and Wiccans pooh-pooh the idea of prayer as being a Christian exercise, many more understand it as a way to take a step closer to our gods.

Appropriate Worship - Honoring the Gods the Right Way
What is the best way to honor the gods and goddesses of your tradition? Are all deities happy with the same sorts of offerings? Learn about the concept of appropriate worship, and how it affects your interactions with the Divine.

Offerings to the Gods
So you want to make an offering to the deity of your tradition -- but what's an appropriate choice? Here are some suggestions for different types of gods, and what's an acceptable offering.

A Prayer for Long Life
Despite its being written by a Christian abbot around the eighth century, this untitled poem is beautiful and can be used as part of a ritual, blessing or other Wiccan or Pagan ceremony.

Prayers for a Deceased Pet
If you've lost a pet, it can be hard to let go. These prayers can be used for a family memorial for your deceased friend, from goldfish to dogs and cats.

Charge of the Goddess
Originally published by Doreen Valiente in the 1950's, the Charge of the Goddess is one of the most moving and most popular incantations in the Wiccan religion. This is the most traditional one of several versions available today.

How to Make Pagan Prayer Beads
In many magical traditions and religious paths, the use of beads can be a meditative and magical exercise. Why not assemble a set of beads that holds meaning to you, and use it in your ritual practice and workings?

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