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What is Lodestone?


What is Lodestone?
What is Lodestone?

Lodestone is used in some folk magic traditions to draw money your way.

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In some magical traditions, an ingredient called lodestone is incorporated into spellwork. What is lodestone, and how can you use it?

A lodestone is, on its most basic level, a natural magnet. It's a piece of the mineral magnetite that has been magnetized - interestingly, not all magnetite is magnetic. The magnetic properties have to do with changes to the molecular structure. If you're lucky enough to have a piece of magnetite that is actually magnetized, then you've got a lodestone in your possession.

Lodestone attracts iron - nails, pins, any bits of iron you've got lying around. You can also "feed" your lodestone bits of iron shavings or magnetic sand - and this will come in handy for spellwork. The shavings often look like bits of metallic hairs when they come in contact with the lodestone.

In many traditions of hoodoo and folk magic, a lodestone is used to attract money. Feeding the lodestone with bits of shavings will draw prosperity to you. You can place a small lodestone - because they are fairly heavy - in a pouch and carry it with you for financial success.

Some magical traditions use a matched set of lodestones in love magic. Place a “male stone,” or one which is elongated and phallic-shaped, near a “female stone,” which is rounded or triangular. Assign each stone a name to represent the people who are the focus of the spell, and gradually move them closer to one another. Eventually, when they are beside each other, they will stick together.

Another use of lodestone is that of a natural compass. Viking explorers used lodestones to their advantage in conquering other societies - it helped with navigation and allowed them to find their way. Use it if you’re practicing elemental magic that calls for invocation of the four directions.

Finally, an African folktale tells of a man who decided to use a piece of lodestone placed under his bed to cure his impotence. It worked so well, and his wife was so happy, that he began to carry it in his pocket wherever he went - naturally, this attracted many other women to him, which led to his wife getting angry and refusing his advances.

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