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Ostara Crafts

If you'd like to jazz up your altar, walls, or the entire house with decorations for Ostara, here's where you'll find several fun and easy craft projects. There's more to this time of year than colored eggs, so be sure to check out these ideas!

Ostara Craft Projects
Looking for some fun and simple craft projects to celebrate Ostara, the spring equinox? Try making tie-dyed eggs, a spring weather station, or even seed packet greeting cards!

Make a Spring Weather Station
Ostara is a time of year when weather can change dramatically, often at a moment's notice. Set up a home weather station so you and your family can track changes in rain fall, wind direction, temperature, and barometric pressure.

Make a Miniature Greenhouse for Ostara
At Ostara, it's still too cold to plant your seeds outside, but you can certainly get your seedlings started indoors. Make an indoor greenhouse, put it in a sunny spot, and watch your garden begin!

Make an Ostara Tree
Spring is arriving in full force at Ostara -- why not create and decorate a small tree to use on your altar or around the house?

Seed Packet Greeting Cards - Make Your Own Ostara Cards
Want to send out a greeting card that helps you welcome spring? Make these easy greeting cards using seed packets as your design!

Make Magical Crystal Ostara Eggs
These Ostara eggs are super-easy to make, and are a real treat for little ones. Make them in advance, put them out for your family's egg hunt, and let your kids crack them open to find a special treasure inside!

Make a Spring Snake Wreath for St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick drove the snakes -- the Pagans -- out of Ireland. Instead of celebrating with a top hat and shamrock, why not make this fun wreath to hang on your door in honor of Ireland's snakes?

Use Natural Dyes to Color Your Ostara Eggs
Love the idea of coloring eggs for Ostara, but hate the thought of using icky chemicals on them? Try out some of these all-natural dyes to see what kinds of colors you can get!

Tie Dyed Ostara Eggs
Want to color some Ostara eggs with tie dye? Use actual silk ties for a clever and creative Ostara egg decoration!

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