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Make a Moon Candle


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Decorate a Moon Candle
Make a Moon Candle

Decorate a plain white candle to symbolize your connection to the moon.

Image © Patti Wigington 2009

You can use a Moon Candle for your Esbat celebrations. As part of your rituals, you may wish to wrap it in a black cloth during the dark phase of the moon, and then gradually uncover it as the moon waxes. When the moon begins to wane again, move the black cloth back over it, to symbolize the ever-changing face of the moon.

If you're going to decorate a pre-made candle (which is the easiest way to do this project), it's best to use an unscented candle for this project, just because various scents can be distracting. A pillar is ideal, but you can certainly use a votive or taper. Use the same candle all year long, or for one 28-day lunar cycle, whichever you prefer.

You'll need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • One white pillar candle
  • Acrylic paints in your choice of colors
  • Candle painting medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbons in colors you associate with the moon (silver, black, white, or blue)

Use the rubbing alcohol to clean any excess oil or grime from the candle before you being. You can just pour a little bit on a soft cloth and wipe it down. Blend your acrylic paint in equal parts with candle painting medium -- this is basically a product that helps your paint adhere to the candle. You can find it at any craft store.

Paint lunar or celestial patterns on your candle, and allow the paint to dry. Add ribbons in silver, black and white -- be sure to move them out of the way before you burn the candle in ritual! The one in the photo was made with a blue ribbon that had celestial designs on it, as well as blue and silver glitter paint.

Helpful hint - if you don't like the idea of painting a candle, buy a plain glass hurricane, and paint the glass instead. That way, you can use any candle you like inside it, and you don't have to continuously repaint new candles.

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