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Mealtime Prayers

Think you can't say a blessing before a meal just because you're Pagan or Wiccan? Wrong! Check out these mealtime prayers and blessings that you can offer before you eat.

Prayer of Offering
In many cultures, it's traditional to offer a bit of your meal to the gods. Here's a quick prayer you can say when you do this.

Invitation to the Gods
Want to invite some Divine guests to join you at mealtime? Here's a prayer that lets them know a seat is available, should they choose to take you up on it.

Celebrating Meat
Many people are carnivorous, so it makes sense to offer a blessing for the meat that is on your table at mealtimes.

A Prayer to the Earth - Mealtime Blessing
This short blessing honors the gifts of the earth at mealtime.

Simple Meal Blessing
This basic blessing offers thanks to the God and Goddess.

Saying Grace, Pagan and Wiccan Style
Many religions say a blessing over their food and drink, because consumption is a constant reminder of our link to the earth. The following short prayers can be said before a meal, a Cakes and Ale ceremony, or any other time you like.

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