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Imbolc Rites and Rituals

Imbolc is a time of celebration and ritual, often honoring Brighid, the goddess of the hearth. This is also a time of new beginnings and of purification. Celebrate the Imbolc season by performing rites and rituals that honor the themes of the end of winter.

Imbolc Rites and Rituals
Imbolc is a time of ritual and ceremony for many Pagans. Here are some of our most popular Imbolc rite -- and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead.

Imbolc House Cleansing Ceremony
Many people have gotten into the habit of doing a spring cleaning, and it's a good way to get yourself inspired. Once you've done a physical cleaning, invite your loved ones to join you in a spiritual cleansing as well.

Hold an Imbolc Candle Ritual (for Solitaries)
Imbolc is also known as Candlemas, and is considered a festival of fire. If you practice as a solitary, this ritual is a good one to do if you want to honor the aspects of fire and light that are observed on this day. Celebrate Imbolc with this fiery (yet simple) ritual.

Hold a Farewell to Winter Ritual
Tired of the snow and cold weather yet? At Imbolc, you and your family can do this simple rite to say goodbye to old man winter, and encourage the spring thaw to come along a bit sooner.

Honor Brighid at Imbolc -- Group Ritual
Imbolc is a time to celebrate Brighid, the goddess of hearth and home. Celebrate her many aspects with this ritual, suitable for any size group.

Imbolc Altar Gallery
Want to see what some of our readers have put on their Imbolc altars? Check out this photo gallery for some great ideas!

Setting Up Your Imbolc Altar
Okay, so you know that Imbolc is the time of year that honors the goddess Brighid, but how does that translate into altar decor? Here are some suggestions for how you can set up your altar for Imbolc.

Imbolc Altars
Did you dress up your altar for Imbolc, the festival of light? Share a photo of your altar with our readers - we'd love to see what you did!See submissions

How to Hold a Rededication Ritual
Are you looking for a rededication ritual to show your deities that you're still committed to them? Try this simple ceremony designed to honor the gods of your tradition.

Imbolc End-of-Winter Meditation
Imbolc is a reminder that winter is ending soon. In just a few more weeks, the new life of spring will begin to bloom. Say goodbye to the chill and darkness of winter with this meditative journey.

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