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Imbolc is a time of renewal and rebirth. Many Pagans and Wiccans use this time to honor the goddess Brighid, and others celebrate it as a festival of fire. No matter how you see this Sabbat, chances are good that you've decorated your altar to reflect your views of the season. Here are some of our reader-submitted photos of Imbolc altars.

As of November 2010, we are using a new submission process for altar photos. Please use the form at the following link to submit your photos: Submit Your Imbolc Altar. Please be aware that photos submitted via email will be rejected - all photo submissions MUST come through using the submission form.

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Patti's Imbolc AltarAdrianne's Imbolc AltarSarah's Imbolc AltarHelene's Imbolc Altar
Sheryl's Imbolc AltarMerle's Imbolc AltarJudy's Imbolc AltarButterfly's Imbolc Altar
Avalon Starr's Imbolc AltarTemple Zenith's Imbolc AltarHeather's Imbolc AltarFirna's Imbolc Altar
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