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Imbolc Crafts

Offerings are sometimes left out for the goddess Brighid at Imbolc, many of which are made by hand. Learn how to make a Brighid's cross and doll, as well as a number of other crafts to celebrate this February fire Sabbat.

Imbolc Gifts to Make and Share
Looking for a simple gift you can put together to exchange with friends for Imbolc? Here are some quick and easy craft ideas -- make one, or make a whole bunch to celebrate this Sabbat!

Imbolc Fire Starters - Make Your Own Fire Starters
It's often tricky to get a fire going on a windy winter night, so why not make your own fire starters? They make it a lot easier to get a blaze going on a chilly night!

How to Make Ice Candles
During Imbolc, there's often snow and ice on the ground, despite the fact that this is a fire festival! Why not celebrate by combining fire and ice to create your very own ice candles?

Make a Brighid Corn Doll
There's an old custom of making a corn or grain effigy of Brighid. By placing her in a place of honor in the home, you can invite fertility and abundance your way.

Make a Brighid's Bed
In many traditions, the goddess Brighid is welcomed into the home at Imbolc. In addition to making a Brighid doll, she is given a bed near the hearth fire. Make a bed for Brighid to ask for her powers of blessing and fertility all year long for your family.

Make a Brighid's Cross
The Brighid's Cross takes many forms in different parts of Ireland, and is used to symbolize the goddess herself. It may be pre-Christian in origin, despite its appearance, and although you can buy inexpensive versions in Irish craft stores, it's easy enough to make your own.

Make a Brighid's Crown
Imbolc is a time to honor Brighid, the fiery goddess of hearth and home. She reminds us that spring is on the way, and you can make a Brighid's Crown to place on your altar, as a reminder that new life is coming soon.

Make a Priapic Wand
In some traditions, there's a custom of making a Priapic wand and using it to encourage the growth of new spring plants. You can make one easily, with supplies found outside.

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