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Imbolc Crafts

Offerings are sometimes left out for the goddess Brighid at Imbolc, many of which are made by hand. Learn how to make a Brighid's cross and doll, as well as a number of other crafts to celebrate this February fire Sabbat.

Imbolc Craft Projects
Imbolc is one of the Pagan fire festivals, and a time to honor the goddess Brighid, as well as the gradual return of light and warmth. Celebrate this sabbat with craft projects that honor the themes of the season.

Imbolc Gifts to Make and Share
Looking for a simple gift you can put together to exchange with friends for Imbolc? Here are some quick and easy craft ideas -- make one, or make a whole bunch to celebrate this Sabbat!

Imbolc Fire Starters - Make Your Own Fire Starters
It's often tricky to get a fire going on a windy winter night, so why not make your own fire starters? They make it a lot easier to get a blaze going on a chilly night!

How to Make Ice Candles
During Imbolc, there's often snow and ice on the ground, despite the fact that this is a fire festival! Why not celebrate by combining fire and ice to create your very own ice candles?

Make a Brighid Corn Doll
There's an old custom of making a corn or grain effigy of Brighid. By placing her in a place of honor in the home, you can invite fertility and abundance your way.

Make a Brighid's Cross
The Brighid's Cross takes many forms in different parts of Ireland, and is used to symbolize the goddess herself. It may be pre-Christian in origin, despite its appearance, and although you can buy inexpensive versions in Irish craft stores, it's easy enough to make your own.

Make a Brighid's Bed
In many traditions, the goddess Brighid is welcomed into the home at Imbolc. In addition to making a Brighid doll, she is given a bed near the hearth fire. Make a bed for Brighid to ask for her powers of blessing and fertility all year long for your family.

Make a Brighid's Crown
Imbolc is a time to honor Brighid, the fiery goddess of hearth and home. She reminds us that spring is on the way, and you can make a Brighid's Crown to place on your altar, as a reminder that new life is coming soon.

Make a Priapic Wand
In some traditions, there's a custom of making a Priapic wand and using it to encourage the growth of new spring plants. You can make one easily, with supplies found outside.

Imbolc Oil
Looking for a special oil for your Imbolc celebration? Brew up a batch of Imbolc oil to bring the scents of the season into your ceremony!

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