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Imbolc Food and Feasting


Imbolc is a great time of fire and feasting. Whip up some kitchen magic for your Sabbat meal with these tasty recipes, using seasonal themes to celebrate.


1. Baked Custard

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The word "Imbolc" comes in part from the phrase "ewe's milk," so dairy products have become a big part of February celebrations. If you have eggs as well, then you've got the makings of custard, the perfect dairy dessert. Baked Custard


2. Make Your Own Butter

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Imbolc is a Sabbat associated with dairy products, so why not make some homemade cream butter? It's delicious, it's easy, and it will give your kids (or your friends) something to do while you put together the rest of your Imbolc meal! Make Your Own Butter


3. Bacon and Leeks

There are few smells as appealing as bacon, and when you toss in some hearty green leeks and an onion, it's even better. Fry this up and serve on warm soft bread as part of your Imbolc feast. Bacon and Leeks


4. Beer Battered Fish & Chips

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The Celtic peoples often relied on fish as part of their diet -- after all, fish were plentiful, and could be caught any time of year. Try this tasty beer-batter recipe as part of your Imbolc celebration. Beer Battered Fish and Chips


5. Braided Bread

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At the end of winter, our ancestors may have been running low on veggies and meat, but they usually had plenty of bread left. Celebrate Imbolc with this simple and tasty braided bread. Braided Bread


6. Candied Carrots

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Carrots are one of those foods connected to the sun and fire -- so why not whip up a batch for Imbolc? Add a bit of butter and some other goodies to sweeten them, and it's a tasty addition to your Sabbat feast. Candied Carrots


7. Curried Lamb with Barley

Although curry isn't native to the British Isles, it lends itself well to this recipe because of its fiery nature. Lamb is one of the symbols of the season -- after all, Imbolc translates to "ewe's milk" -- so why not prepare a pot of curried lamb as your main dish? If you're not a carnivore, never fear -- there are some tasty substitutes available for you. Curried Lamb with Barley


8. Irish Cream Truffles

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No Pagan holiday is truly complete without chocolate, so why not whip up a batch of these tasty truffles? Use some Bailey's Irish Cream, and you'll truly get a chance to enjoy a taste o' the auld country! Irish Cream Truffles


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