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10 Ways Pagans Can Celebrate Earth Day


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Hold a Ritual to Honor the Land

Celebrate the earth with a ritual honoring the land.

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When was the last time you held a ritual that simply honored the space you were in, without focusing on any of your personal needs? Whether you’re out in your own back yard, or sitting in a shady glade in the middle of the woods, take some time to celebrate the land itself. In many societies, there were specific spirits of place to be honored, from deities associated with lakes and streams to beings who lived within the rocks and trees outside a village. Get to know the land around you, figure out what specifically makes it sacred to you, and hold a ritual to celebrate that aspect of your world.

If you feel a need to make offerings to these land spirits, go for it – just make sure that you don’t leave anything behind that is damaging. A good guideline for offerings outdoors is to stick to things that will decompose rapidly, or be consumed by local wildlife in a short period. Items like bread, birdseed, fruits and vegetables are all perfect for land-based offerings.

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