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Crafts for Harvest Celebrations

Looking for craft ideas for one of the harvest Sabbats? Here's where you'll find some great ideas for autumn craft projects to decorate your home and altar.

Make a Pair of Apple Candleholders
Bright red apples are a festive symbol of the Lammas season, so why not use them on your altar? With just a few simple steps, you can turn an apple -- or any other fruit or vegetable -- into the perfect candleholder for your Sabbat altar.

Make a Cornhusk Chain
Ever wonder what to do with all those stray cornhusks after you've fed your family corn on the cob? Use them in this easy craft project - make a chain out of them, and use it to decorate your home or altar for Lammas.

Build a Grapevine Pentacle
This simple decoration is made out of grapevines and florist's wire. You can hang it on your wall, over your altar, or even your front door to celebrate the Sabbats.

Make a God's Eye for Mabon
God's eyes are popular decorations to make in nearly every spiritual path. By using harvest colors like reds, oranges, yellows and browns, you can create one for Mabon to hang in your home or to adorn your altar.

Bring in Abundance with Prosperity Candles
Mabon is the second of the harvest festivals, and a great time to draw abundance into your life. Celebrate the blessings of the season with a little bit of candle magic designed to bring prosperity your way.

Make Your Own Headstones
When Samhain rolls in, it's a lot of fun to set up a graveyard of your own. Instead of burying pesky neighbors, just make these easy headstones with a bit of insulation board and some creativity. Make them silly or spooky, it's up to you!

Make a Straw Man
This straw man figure can be made to represent the King of Winter. Make him at Samhain as part of your ritual, and then bring him into your home to watch over your hearth over the coming winter months. An easy craft for any Pagan or Wiccan.

Make a Grave Rubbing
Gravestone art became popular during the Victorian era, when headstones were carved with elaborate scrollwork, calligraphy, and art. You can use rubbings from headstones as a decoration in your home, but you also need to be sure to follow a few simple guidelines.

Make an Apple Garland
This easy apple garland is a great decoration for your home. Make one in time for Samhain, an bring the scents of fall in for the celebration!

Make a Set of Pumpkin Candles
Everyone loves candles, and with Samhain coming you can make your own candles out of small pumpkins and squashes. Learn how to do this fun and easy craft in just a few steps.

Make an Ancestor Shrine
In many Pagan and Wiccan traditions, the ancestors are honored, especially at Samhain. This Sabbat, after all, is the night when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its most fragile. By setting up an ancestor shrine or altar, you can honor the people of your bloodline -- your kinfolk and clansmen who have helped to shape the...

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