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Moon Candle


Moon Candle

Decorate a plain white candle to symbolize your connection to the moon.

Image © Patti Wigington 2009


A moon candle is used in some Pagan and Wiccan traditions for rituals involving the moon. Generally, it's white and unscented. A pillar candle or ball-shaped one serves this purpose nicely, but you can certainly use a votive or taper. If you buy a plain candle to use on your altar as a moon candle, you can decorate it with lunar symbols, silver ribbons, or other moon-related items. This candle can be used in a full moon ceremony or a new moon ritual. Many people use the same candle all year long, wrapping it up before the new moon rite, and then leaving it unwrapped until the night of the full moon.


Examples: Willow unwrapped the moon candle and placed it on the altar before the new moon ritual began.

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