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What is a Magical Name?



Some people choose their magical name very early... and others wait until much later.

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Many Pagans and Wiccans adopt a magical name upon their initiation into the Craft. This can be a name you select for yourself, or one given to you by someone else. The magical name is usually only revealed in a ritual setting, and isn’t usually used outside of the coven or group.

Keep in mind that not all Pagans or Wiccans choose to have magical names. Selecting one is a personal decision, but it is not required of people in all traditions. If you feel like you need a magical name, or if you feel called to use one, follow your instinct in the selection process. You may also wish to read How to Choose Your Magical Name for some tips and pointers on how to choose your magical name, should you desire to have one.


Also Known As: Craft Name, True Name

Examples: When Jessica joined Three Circles Coven, she adopted the magical name of Starfire.

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