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Black Magic


Black Magic

Some people refer to any negative magical workings as "black magic."

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Sometimes you’ll hear people in the Pagan community - and outside of it - use the term “black magic.” Others will tell you that magic has no color at all. So what does “black magic” really mean?

Traditionally, black magic is applied to magic that is done in a negative manner. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Magical workings that impact the free will of others
  • Magic performed to bring about destruction or harm, such as cursing or hexing
  • Magic invoking the spirit realm for a negative purpose
  • Magical workings that are baneful; i.e., that restrict or eliminate the actions of other people

In some traditions, workings done with negative intent are referred to as “dark magic.” However, bear in mind that not all Pagan traditions divide magic into such simplistic categories as “black” or “white.”

More often than not, you’ll hear the term “black magic” used by non-Pagans to describe any sort of magical working at all. For more discussion on black magic, please be sure to read about Magical Ethics.


Also Known As: Dark magic

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