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Monthly Full Moon Correspondences

Every full moon is surrounded by legends and lore of its own. Learn about the monthly full moons that emerge each year, and the magical correspondences for each.

Magical Moon Phases
Each of the full moons has its own associations with magic and folklore. Here's a comprehensive list of the different full moon phases, along with links to detailed information about how to celebrate them appropriately. Southern Hemisphere readers, there's a special section just for you, to help figure out how to celebrate where you live!

2010 Full Moon Schedule
Wondering when 2010's full moons will take place? Here's the schedule for the year!

2009 Full Moon Schedule
Looking for the dates for 2009's full moons? Here's where you'll find them!

Moon Phase Names in the Southern Hemisphere
If you live in the southern hemisphere, your moon phases will be different from the ones on traditional neo-Pagan calendars. Here's how you can calculate the name of the moon cycle if you live south of the Equator.

Cold Moon
The chill of January brings us the Cold Moon, which reminds us that winter still has a few more months to go. Also called the Wolf Moon, this is a time when our bodies are a bit sluggish, and we need to put some effort into magical workings.

Quickening Moon
February's Quickening Moon brings us a time reflection and quiet, and we can use this phase to make plans for our future, knowing that spring will soon be coming.

Storm Moon
March rolls in like a lion, and brings with it the Storm Moon. Despite the chill in the air, by the end of the month, the signs of spring and new life are on their way.

Wind Moon -- April's Magical Seed Moon
April starts off wild and wet, and by the time it's over, the air has been reduced to gentle breezes that carry seeds around the earth. Learn about April's Wind Moon, and the magic that goes along with it.

Flower Moon
In the merry month of May, the soil warms up enough that we can begin planting. In addition to our garden, we can work on nourishing our souls and hearts. Learn about May's Flower Moon and its fiery magical associations.

Strong Sun Moon
Summer is when we see the longest days of the year, so it's no surprise that June's lunar phase is called the Strong Sun Moon. Learn about the earthy magical connections of this moon cycle.

Blessing Moon
July's full moon is known as the blessing moon, and is associated with certain herbs, trees, and deities.

Corn Moon
August's Corn Moon brings about a time of harvesting and preparation for the coming winter.

Harvest Moon
In September, we celebrate the Harvest Moon. It's a time of hearth and home, as we prepare for the coming cold months of winter.

Blood Moon
October's Blood Moon brings with it cool, clear nights and the knowledge that winter is around the corner. It's also a time for spiritual growth, because it's when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest.

Mourning Moon
In November, the Mourning Moon is upon us, and we can use the energy of this moon phase to shed last year's baggage and celebrate new beginnings.

Long Nights Moon
December's cold brings us the Long Nights Moon, which is a good time to evaluate the ordeals and trials in our lives. If you're already made it through the darkness, share your good fortune with others.

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