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Using Magic To Solve Problems


Using Magic To Solve Problems

Feeling disappointed with your spellwork results? You might need to do more.

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Question: Using Magic To Solve Problems

A reader says, “I need a job and I can’t find one. I’ve done a bunch of spells but nothing has happened. What am I doing wrong?”

Another person writes in and asks, “I saw a spell online for weight loss and I did it but I haven’t lost any weight. Did I do the spell wrong?”

A third reader writes, “I’m lonely so I did a love spell that was supposed to bring love into my life but I still haven’t met anyone yet. How come it didn’t work?”


Magic is a tool. It’s a resource. It’s not, typically, the only solution to making things happen. And all three of these individuals, when asked, “Well, what else did you do?” had the same answer: “Nothing, because I did a spell to fix stuff.”

But doing a spell by itself often does not fix things. Let’s take Job Seeker Guy, for starters. When asked for clarification, he admitted he had not filled out any job applications, hadn’t really talked to anyone about finding work, and didn’t even have a resume prepared. He assumed that casting a few spells was going to bring employers to his door, begging him to come work for them. Likewise, Weight Loss Lady cast a spell, but hadn’t modified her eating habits or begun any sort of exercise routine. Magic works, but when it’s the only thing you rely on as a solution to your problem, chances are that you’ll end up disappointed.

So, what’s the point of doing magic if you have to do all that mundane stuff too? Why even bother?

Well, as mentioned above, magic is a tool. And tools work really well when they’re used with other tools. Let’s say you’re building a cabinet out of scrap wood. Sure, you could just use a hammer because it’s easy to swing, but chances are good that you’ll get a far better result if you also use a saw, a screwdriver and your drill. The hammer by itself might get you partway there, but using it in tandem with everything else will get the cabinet built faster and better.

Is this always the case? No, of course not - there will be some times when magic works just fine on its own. However, if you’re not seeing a change after you’ve cast a spell, it may be time to rethink your approach.

Like many aspects of your spiritual development, spellwork does require some effort - that’s why it’s called spellwork. It may seem like more of a challenge - or even a waste of time - to include the mundane, but if you do so, you’re far more likely to see the fruits of your labor pay off.

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