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Do Wiccans and Pagans Worship Satan?


Do Wiccans and Pagans Worship Satan?

Cernunnos might have horns, but that doesn't make him the devil.

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Question: Do Wiccans and Pagans Worship Satan?

Someone told me that Wiccans and other Pagans are devil worshipers. I saw a picture of a guy wearing horns on your website. Is this true, do you guys follow Satan?


The short answer to that question is No. Satan is a Christian construct, and so he’s outside of the spectrum of most Wiccan and Pagan belief systems. If someone tells you they’re a Satanist, then they’re a Satanist, not a Wiccan.

It's also important to keep in mind that most people who self-identify as Satanists do not, in fact, worship Satan as a deity, but instead embrace a concept of individualism and ego. Many Satanists are in fact atheists, particularly among those who follow LaVeyan Satanism.

As to the "guy wearing horns," there are a number of Pagan deities who are often represented as wearing horns or antlers. Cernunnos, for instance, is the Celtic god of the forests. He is associated with lust and fertility and the hunt - none of which sound terribly evil, do they? There's also Pan, who looks a bit like a goat and comes to us from the ancient Greeks. He invented a musical instrument which ended up being named for him - the panpipe. Again, not too threatening or scary at all. If you happen to stumble across an image of Baphomet, he's another goat-headed deity, and happens to reflect many of the theories and ideals found in 19th-century occultism.

So again, to answer your question - no, Pagans don't generally worship Satan or the devil, because he's simply not part of most modern Pagan belief systems.

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