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Can I Still Go To Church With My Family?


Can I Still Go To Church With My Family?

If you still want to go to church with your family, why not go ahead?

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Question: Can I Still Go To Church With My Family?

I'm Wiccan, but my husband's family is Christian. They don't mind me being Wiccan, but they'd like me to attend church with them when we visit them on the weekends. I love them and don't want to hurt their feelings, so I'm thinking about going. Is this okay, or should I avoid going with them?


That’s entirely up to you, and to your family. While many Wiccans and Pagans feel perfectly comfortable entering a worship setting of another religion, most do not actively participate in ceremonies. If you attend a Catholic mass, for example, you might want to skip the wafer part – after all, Paganism is in direct contrast to most Christian belief systems.

Reader Tinkerbell points out that in the matter of the Catholic church, "Catholics do not condone non-Catholics taking communion. It's perfectly acceptable to go up at communion and ask for a blessing, but according to their beliefs, you must be a Catholic in good standing with the church who has received First Communion before you should receive communion... It's important to realize when we go to church with family that we be aware and respectful of their ritual, and not be afraid to ask about how involved we are welcome to become in their services. This would go for all beliefs, not just Catholic."

That having been said, if you would like to continue attending church with your family as an observer, rather than a participant, it should be fine. You may wish to discuss this with your family's pastor to get his insight – he may not be comfortable with you attending his church now that you’ve dedicated yourself to Wicca, or he may welcome you with open arms.

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