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How to Create Sacred Space


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Make it Your Own
How to Create Sacred Space

You can customize your sacred space with books, wall hangings, or statuary to make it more personal.

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That corner in the basement or the spare bedroom where your college student no longer lives may be a great place for your sacred space, but if it’s still got cobwebs and puppy posters all over it, it’s time for a change. Take everything off the walls that’s not yours, give it a thorough physical cleaning, and make it your own. Consider a fresh coat of paint, maybe a bit of new carpet if necessary, and bring your personal items in. A few shelves on the walls for knickknacks and books, perhaps a framed piece of art, and a seat for meditation are all things you can add into the space. If you’ve got room, think about placing a small table that you can use as an altar or workspace.

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