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Three Sisters' Tattoo


Three Sisters' Tattoo
Image © Sarah, used with permission

Reader Sarah tells a great story about her tattoo work. She says, "The tattoo picture I have submitted is a photo of my sisters and I (in picture order - Terra's arm, Kelly's neck and my arm). The tattoo we have is a combination of a Triskele and a Triquetra. My interpetation of each symbol is Triquetra- triple goddess/sisterhood (or in christianity it means the holy trinity) and Triskele- infinate/forever. My sisters and I decided to go together and get a tatto that would represent us all (3 sisters) and our beliefs (Terra and I- pagan, Kelly- Christian) and our heritage (mostly Celtic). So we decided on this tattoo and now all three of us carry the mark of our love for each other and our unending bond as sisters and friends."

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