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Updates on the Veteran's Pentacle Quest


The Veteran's Pentacle Quest is a project led by the folks at the Lady Liberty League and Circle Sanctuary. It's the name given to the effort to have symbols of Pagan religions allowed on the headstones of fallen veterans. Although the pentacle has finally been approved by the Veteran's Administration, there are still many issues to be looked at concerning the Veteran's Pentacle. Here are some of the headlines we've seen here at Pagan/Wiccan About.com.

July 3, 2008: Ellen Evert Hopman and Selena Fox on the Awen Symbol

August 30, 2007: Update: Stewart Gets Call from President

August 29, 2007: Wiccan Widow Dissed by the President

July 19, 2007: A Hero Denied: Stewart's Widow Speaks Out

May 8, 2007: Justice at Last for Deceased Pagan Soldiers

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