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Info for Beginners

Are you wondering how to get started learning about Paganism, including but not limited to the Wiccan religion? Here is where you'll find all kinds of useful information and tips on how to get started in practice, reading lists, and our introductory guides to many aspects of magical living.

What is Paganism?
What is Paganism? Let's look at an explanation of what modern Paganism is, including the Wiccan religion and others.

How to Get Started in Paganism or Wicca

Are you looking for general information on how to get started as a practicing Pagan or Wiccan? Here are some tips and guidelines you'll want to follow as you begin your new spiritual journey.

Beginner's Reading List

This is a list of 13 books every Wiccan or Pagan should read. Not all of them will be of interest to you, and you might even find one or two of them hard to understand. That's okay. It's a good foundation to build your studies on, and will better help you determine what road your path will eventually take.

Ten Things You Should Know About Paganism & Wicca
Here are some of the basic tenets and ideas found in modern Paganism. Read through these, and make sure you understand exactly what it is you're about to start studying.


Basic Concepts of Wicca
So what exactly do Wiccans and Pagans believe and do? Read this article to find out if Wiccan principles fit in with your existing belief system.


Living a Magical Life
Being Wiccan or Pagan isn't just about reading some books and buying a pentacle necklace. If you're going to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, eventually you'll want to think about how you can incorporate your beliefs into daily life.


Ten Reasons NOT to Become Pagan
People become Pagans or Wiccans for a variety of reasons. Most of those reasons are pretty good - sometimes it involves a connection to the divine, a sense of coming home, or even just a gradual transformation. However, there are plenty of reasons that aren't so great. If yours appear on this list, you might want to rethink your whole spiritual journey and what you hope to get out of it.


Intro to Paganism & Wicca E-Class

There's a lot of information out there for seekers who are interested in Wicca and Paganism, and it can be a little overwhelming to sort through it all. This 13-week e-class will help you build a basic framework for your studies of Wicca in the future. Topics include basic concepts of Wicca, reading recommendations, prayers and deities, the Sabbats and other celebrations, tools of the Craft, and ideas on how to live a magical life every day. While there's no substitute for hands-on learning, this course is designed to give you many of the basic working concepts that you'll need to continue studying Wicca in earnest later on. Think of this e-class as the foundation you can build onto in the future.


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