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Beltane Rites and Rituals

Beltane is a time to celebrate fertility and the greening of the earth. Try some of these celebrations and ritual ideas at Beltane to honor the arrival of spring and new life.

Beltane Rites and Rituals
Are you looking for Pagan rituals for Beltane? Be sure to check out some of our most popular rituals, including information on prayers and altar setup for the Beltane sabbat.

Setting Up Your Beltane Altar - What To Include on Your Beltane Altar
Okay, so we know that Beltane is a fertility festival... but how do you translate that into altar setup? Here are some tips about how to set up your altar to celebrate the Beltane sabbat.

Beltane Altar Photo Gallery
Beltane is a celebration of fertility and fire, and a number of our readers have shared their altar decorations with us. Check out this image gallery to see how other Pagans and Wiccans set up their altar for Beltane.

Celebrate Beltane with a Maypole Dance
The tradition of the Maypole Dance has been around for a long time -- it's a celebration of the fertility of the season. If you have a big group of friends and a lot of ribbon, you can easily hold your own Maypole Dance as part of your Beltane festivities.

Honor the Sacred Feminine with a Goddess Ritual
When spring arrives, we can see the fertility of the earth in full bloom. For many traditions, this brings the opportunity to celebrate the sacred feminine energy of the universe. This simple goddess ritual honors the feminine, while also celebrating our female ancestors.

Hold a Family Abundance Rite for Beltane
Some parents may not be comfortable with the phallic fertility images so often found at Beltane. If you're looking for a way to celebrate this Sabbat with kids that focuses more on abundance and less on sexuality, try this simple planting ceremony instead.

Hold a Beltane Bonfire Rite (Group Ceremony)
Beltane is a time of fire and fertility. Combine the passion of a roaring bonfire with the love of the May Queen and the God of the Forest, and you've got a recipe for a fantastic ritual. Use your imagination to kick start your Beltane festivities with this group ritual.

Beltane Planting Ritual for Solitaries
This simple ritual, designed for the solitary practitioner, is one you can use when you're doing your annual planting. Wait until you're past the final frost date, and then do this ritual when it's time to get your seeds planted!

Beltane Altars
Did you dress up your altar for Imbolc, the festival of light? Share a photo of your altar with our readers - we'd love to see what you did!See submissionsSee submissions

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