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Beltane Prayers


Beltane Prayers
Image © Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Looking for prayers to celebrate Beltane? Here are a few you may wish to add in to your upcoming rites and rituals.

  • Am Beannachadh Bealltain (The Beltane Blessing) is a shorter, Pagan-friendly adaptation of one featured in the Carmina Gadelica.

  • Prayer to Cernunnos is offered to the Horned God, Cernunnos, who is considered the lord of the forest and fertility in many Wiccan traditions.

  • A Thanks to the Earth Mother honors the land itself, and the fertility of the earth at Beltane.

  • Honoring the May Queen is a way to pay tribute to the Queen of the May, a figure who often appears in Faerie lore and legend.

  • Blessing to Protect the Herd: In ancient societies, Beltane was a time to bless the herd, keeping it safe and healthy for the coming year. This blessing honors the animals, whether you have livestock or family pets.

  • Prayer for the Gods of the Forest pays tribute to Osiris, Cernunnos and the other fertility gods of spring.

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