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How to Plant a Goddess Garden


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Choosing the Perfect Spot
How to Plant a Goddess Garden

Select the best location for your garden, depending on what sort of plants you intend to use to celebrate your goddess.

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Next, figure out where the best place is to locate your goddess garden. Are you working with a vibrant, outdoorsy kind of goddess, like Diana? Perhaps she'd appreciate a spot in the sun. Maybe a water goddess, who would feel at home near your pond? Or perhaps you're connected to a goddess of darkness, who might prefer a shady spot near the tree line? Obviously, you want to choose an are where plants will grow, but it's also important to try to select an area where the Divine will feel a sense of home.

If you live in a small area such as an apartment, or if you have limited space, you can still plant a goddess garden. Choose a brightly lit spot on your patio and use containers for gardening, or create a tabletop goddess garden with a large planter.

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