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SilverMoonGlow's Ostara Altar


SilverMoonGlow's Ostara Altar
Image © SilverMoonGlow 2009, used with permission

Reader SilverMoonGlow shares her beautiful altar, and says, "I have traveled a great deal the last two years and my altar reflects my travels. To the back left is a spice tajine I got in Morocco and contains sea salt (earth and water), the hexagon vial to the back right contains sand from the Sahara desert (earth). The wand on the right I made myself from laurel I collected from a Fairy Forest in North Carolina and includes a crystal point and a citrine stone, the censer is included to represent both air and fire. In the center is my pentacle I made from beeswax. The centerpiece is a pink wire basket containing eggs I decorated along with the large egg made of porcelain with a pink pearled glaze. This altar is one of 4 in my home and is dedicated to Bast. To the left of Bast is a small round container that holds 2 Huyaruro beans that were blessed and given to me by a Shaman in the Amazon Rain Forest in Peru. The amethyst pendulum and stone are Ostara correspondences. My athame came from California."

What a great way to incorporate things you love into your altar -- this is so cool!

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