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Sarah M's Ostara Altar


Sarah M's Ostara Altar
Image © Sarah M, used with permission

Reader Sarah M sends us a photo of her adorable Ostara altar, and she says, "Ostara is my favorite sabbat, it's most likely because my birthday falls on the 18th of March, but I love spring and all that Ostara brings for us during this season! The Oracle card is of Ostara and from my favorite and most used deck, the picture was so pretty I could not just leave it out. The eggs each have a prayer or a thought written and placed inside. My scrying mirror is so neat with the goddess used as a counterweight - I love it!! There is a small potato to the left. I got that from my garden in the fall and I have have it growing on the altar until I can re-plant it (weather permitting). The zen garden I use to release old energies and bring in the new, and the flowers were the finishing touches!"

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