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You can put all kinds of things on your altar when you celebrate the vernal equinox at Ostara. Check out this gallery of reader photos to see what people have on their Ostara altars. If you want to add yours, just follow these instructions: Altar Photo Submissions.

Important: As of November 2010, we are using a new submission process for altar photos. Please use the form at the following link to submit your photos: Submit Your Ostara Altar. Please be aware that photos submitted via email will be rejected - all photo submissions MUST come through using the submission form.

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Guilia's Ostara AltarSarah C's Ostara AltarSarah's Ostara AltarTiffany's Ostara Altar
VeeTay's Ostara AltarBrandon's Ostara AltarGlenn's Ostara AltarRebelAngel's Ostara Altar
Danielle's Ostara AltarJulie's Ostara AltarIsadora's Ostara AltarSilverMoonGlow's Ostara Altar
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