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Beltane Customs and Folklore

Beltane is a time of year rich in tradition and customs. The May Day season has been marked for hundreds of years, and has been a season that agricultural communities often saw as a time of celebration. Learn about the traditions and folklore associated with this mid-spring holiday.

Beltane Customs and Folklore
Beltane is a time of year rich in tradition and customs. Learn about the legends and folklore associated with this Pagan holiday.

Faerie Lore - The Fae at Beltane
Some people believe that the Fae are most active around the time of Beltane. What are these otherworldly creatures, and where do they come from?

Fertility Deities of Beltane
Beltane has been a time of fertility celebration for thousands of years, in innumerable cultures. Learn about some of the different deities that can be honored during this spring Sabbat.

Faeries in the Garden
Want to make your spring garden a welcoming place for the Fae? Here are some tips on keeping a faerie-friendly yard.

The Green Man, Spirit of the Forest
The Green Man appears in many forms in British and Celtic myth. What is the Green Man, and what does he really represent?

The Language of Flowers - Flowers and Their Meanings
During the nineteenth century, it became popular to send someone a message using only flowers. Each one had its own symbolism, so the type of flower you sent was very important. Here's a partial list of some popular flowers and their secret meanings

Legends and Lore of Bees
Where does the phrase "busy as a bee" come from? Why is honey the nectar of the gods? Let's look at some of the folklore and legends that surround the magical bee.

Legends and Lore of Beltane
There are a lot of myths and folklore surrounding May Day, or Beltane. Learn about some of the stories about this magical, mystical spring Sabbat!

The Legend of the May Queen and the Queen of Winter
In some Wiccan traditions, the battle for dominance is not between an Oak King and a Holly King, but in fact between the May Queen and the Queen of Winter. Learn about the cycle of the triple goddess, and her aspects as Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Morris Dancing and Mummer's Plays
In rural English villages, Morris dancing and Mummer's plays are popular around the Beltane season. What's the history behind these unusual performance pieces?

What is Walpurgisnacht, and how is it celebrated in modern Pagan traditions?

Welcoming the Birds at Beltane
As spring arrives, the birds begin nesting and returning to our lives. You can attract birds to your yard with a few simple items, just in time for your Beltane celebrations.

The Bale Fire
The tradition of the Bale Fire is one that goes back many centuries. But where did this Beltane custom originate?

What is the Hobby Horse?
In addition to the Maypole, one of the best-known symbols of Beltane's fertility is the hobby horse. Representing masculine energy, the hobby horse has become a staple of many Beltane celebrations.

Butterfly Magic and Folklore
The butterfly is one of nature’s most perfect examples of change, transformation, and growth. Because of this, it has long been the subject of magical folklore and legend in a variety of societies and cultures. Let’s look at some of the magical meanings behind butterflies.

Floralia: The Roman May Day Celebration
Long before the medieval peasantry of the British Isles erected their Maypoles, the ancient Romans were partying hard in honor of Flora, their spring fertility goddess. She had her very own festival, called Floralia, and there was all kinds of merrymaking going on!

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