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Reader Ideas and Advice

Our readers at About Pagan/Wiccan have a lot of great ideas, and plenty of advice to share. Stop in and see what they have to say about current events, issues that matter to modern Pagans, and more. Be sure to check out our Pagan Group Listings pages, if you're in search of a group to join! Here's where you can learn and benefit from the advice, experiences and tips of other About Pagan/Wiccan readers.

Energy/Prayer Requests
Do you feel like you need your fellow Wiccans and Pagans to send some positive energy your way? Do you know someone who could use healing prayers or light sent their way? Post your energy/prayer requests here, or feel free to offer up a prayer for someone who may be in need.

Your Pagan Blog
The Internet is chock-full of blogs on every topic - and if you write one about modern Pagan religions, our readers would love to know about it. Stop in and share a listing for your Pagan blog here at About Pagan/Wiccan.See submissions

Pagan Clergy Listings
Are you Pagan clergy with services to offer our readers, such as handfastings, baby blessings, or memorial celebrations? You can post your listings here! Readers, if you're looking for Pagan clergy in your area, be sure to check our listings to see who's near you.

Pagan Tattoo Gallery
Lots of Pagans and Wiccans express themselves with body art. If you've got a tattoo that shows some aspect of your Pagan or Wiccan religion, we'd love to see it! Send it in, and we'll add it to the photo gallery.See submissions

What's the Best Advice You Can Give a Seeker?
For many new people coming to Pagan spirituality, the information out there can be a bit overwhelming. However, for a lot of us, at some point we had an "a-ha" moment, when someone offered us crucial advice -- you know, that one thing that you wish you'd been told sooner. What advice have you received that you can share with Seekers hoping to...See submissions

How Did You Come Out of the Broom Closet?
Remember the first time you told someone you were Pagan or Wiccan? How did it feel? Was it scary, or just no big deal? Share your tips and advice with others on how you came out, and what you'd do differently if you had to do it again!See submissions

Share Your Pagan Craft Projects With Our Readers
Are you a crafty Pagan? Have you made some clever handcrafts to celebrate your Pagan spirituality? Share with us your cross-stitch designs, your woodburning, your sculpture, paintings -- you name it, if it's a Pagan craft project you made yourself, our readers want to see it! See submissions See submissions

Who Are Your Pagan Role Models?
Do you have a Pagan or Wiccan role model you'd like to tell us about? Share with us who you look up to, and why!

Pagan Kids Activities
Got a favorite activity that helps share your Pagan beliefs and values with your children? Here's where you can share your ideas with other readers!

When the Gods Come Calling
Have you been tapped by a god or goddess as part of your spiritual journey? Share your story here with other readers.

Tell Us About Your Non-Traditional Pagan Holiday
Do you have a spiritual celebration that doesn't fit into traditional Pagan teachings? Maybe you celebrate the life of a departed loved one or you honor Earth Day as a sacred event. Plenty of people celebrate holidays other than the eight Sabbats -- tell us about your unique or unusual Pagan celebration!

Share Your Money-Saving Tips
Wondering how to get by in tough economic times? One of the first places Pagans and Wiccans cut back on spending is within their magical practice. Learn some of our tips for making ends meet, and share with us your own ideas for how to be a budget-savvy Pagan!

Tarot Readings from Hell
If you read Tarot cards for other people, chances are good that at some point you've done a reading that was just a nightmare. Either the cards weren't cooperating, the querent was blocking you, or worse yet, everything that came up was negative and awful. Share your stories about your worst Tarot reading experience!

Do You Believe You've Had Past Lives?
Do you believe you’ve experienced a past life or past lives? Share your experiences with other readers, and tell us about them! How did you come to discover your past life, and have you learned anything from the knowledge?See submissions

Reader Tips for Organizing a Pagan Event
Have you ever organized or volunteered for a Pagan event? Share your tips with our other readers, and let us know what worked best for you -- and what didn't!See submissions

Sacred Places to Visit and See
Have you visited a magical place of great energy and power? Share your story with other readers, and tell us about your experience!See submissions

Reader Sabbat Altar Photos
Want to see some of the gorgeous sabbat altars that our readers have created? Stop in and visit to check out their photos - and then feel free to send in one of your own!

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