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Create a God/Goddess Altar


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Make a God/Goddess Altar
Create a God/Goddess Altar

Make an altar featuring symbols of the god or goddess of your tradition.

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Many Pagans set up an altar space that can either stay in place permanently or be used on a temporary basis. The altar is typically used for ritual or spellwork, and is often set up according to a very basic framework. At some point you may choose to set up an altar with a specific theme to it - for example, a sabbat celebration or a birthday, or even for the children in your home.

If your magical tradition honors a specific deity, why not consider setting up a god or goddess altar? This altar celebrates the Divine aspect of your belief system, whether you honor a single deity or an entire pantheon.

Things to include:

  • Statuary: Find a statue representing the deity of your path
  • Candles: Use candles in colors associated with your deity, or select a god or goddess candle
  • Natural symbols: Do you honor a god of the ocean? Add a bowl of sea water. Is your god or goddess associated with a particular tree? Put leaves, branches or seeds on your altar.
  • Handcrafts: Have you made a craft item representing your god or goddess? If you honor Brighid, for example, you may wish to add a Brighid’s cross. Have you made a set of prayer beads celebrating the many aspects of Cernunnos? Add those to your altar.
  • Offerings: If your deity accepts offerings - and many do - then place a bowl, cup or plate on the altar to hold your tributes.

When you set up your altar, remember that it is a sacred space. Be sure to consecrate or cleanse it prior to use, according to the guidelines of your tradition.

See the next page for ideas about symbols relating to various deities.

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