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Prayer to Goddess Minerva


Prayer to Goddess Minerva

Are you ready to go back to school? Ask Minerva for some guidance.

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Minerva was a Roman goddess who was similar to the Greek Athena. She was a goddess of wisdom, learning, arts and sciences, and education. If you’ve got some worries about going back to class or starting a new school – or if you just need a little boost from the Divine in your educational career – consider offering this prayer to Minerva for assistance.

Hail Minerva, goddess of wisdom!
Guide me in my studies,
and keep my focus strong.
Lead me as I learn,
opening my mind to new knowledge.
Prepare me to grow and study,
as I take new steps in my journey.
Hail Minerva, goddess of wisdom!
Grant me the wisdom to speak well and with clarity,
grant me the ambition to be successful and strong,
grant me the understanding to embrace the ideas of others.
I owe you gratitude for your guidance,
and will do you honor with my achievements.
Hail Minerva, goddess of wisdom!
I thank you for your blessings.

Because Minerva is a goddess of craftsmanship and arts, you may wish to make an offering of something you have created by hand. Other acceptable offerings include coins, herbs associated with wisdom and knowledge, or wine.

Fun fact: Professor McGonagall, of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, is named for the goddess Minerva.

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