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Prayer to Hel


Prayer to Hel

Hel is honored as a Norse goddess of the underworld.

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In Norse mythology, Hel features as a goddess of the underworld. She was sent by Odin to Helheim/Niflheim to preside over the spirits of the dead, except for those who were killed in battle and went to Valhalla. It was her job to determine the fate of the souls who entered her realm.

Prayer to Hel

Hel, great goddess, daughter of Loki,
She who guards the spirits of the dead,
Our friend [Name] has come to you now.
As [Name] kneels before you, Hel,
Know how much she was loved in this life,
And how many she loved in return
Before she crossed over.
She was an honorable soul,
A soaring spirit,
A brave warrior.
Watch over her, Hel, as she crosses the bridge,
From this life to the next.
And welcome her with glory,
That she may live on forever in our hearts
And memories.

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