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Pagan Decorating Ideas


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Welcoming the Elements
Pagan Decorating Ideas

Use incense to represent the element of air in your home.

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If you’re part of a nature-based path, as many Pagans are, why not bring the four classical elements into your home? The symbolism of each of the elements can help your home feel more harmonious and stable.

  • Earth: Have rocks and stones placed in locations that make you feel good – for example, hematite in your corners will create a protective barrier, and rose quartz in a pretty bowl in the bedroom will bring love your way.
  • Air: Air represents intuition, so hang feathers, fans and streamers in your home. Consider making painted prayer flags, and displaying those on your wall and in your windows.
  • Fire: Candles and fireplaces represents the energy and power of fire, but if you can’t use those, try adding symbols of fire – dragons, a tabletop brazier, even a phoenix.
  • Water: It’s not too practical to have a bowl of water just sitting around, but many people like to use tabletop fountains. Water-related items such as sand and seashells also make a lovely addition, and are a terrific way to bring the energy of water into your home.

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