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The Pagan Community

Many times, members of the Pagan community find themselves with different perspectives on interpersonal things like coming out of the broom closet, finding reputable teachers, and setting goals. Let's talk about some of the different issues of interest within the Pagan community.

Predators in the Pagan Community
Why do we need to talk about predators in the Pagan community? Because they're out there, and we need to figure out how to protect our most vulnerable members.

How to Become Pagan Clergy
In most Pagan religions, the priesthood is accessible to anyone who’s willing to put the time and energy into it - but the requirements tend to vary, depending on both your tradition, and the legal requirements of the place where you live. Here are some tips on becoming Pagan clergy.

Reader Mail: Why Are There So Many Fat Pagans?
A reader writes in with the most obnoxious email ever, wanting to know why there are so many overweight people in the Pagan community.

Starting a Pagan or Wiccan Group or Coven
Many people write to About Pagan/Wiccan saying that they’d like to start a Pagan group of their own. Interested in more than just a study group, these are people who have spent enough time studying Paganism on their own to know that they’d like take advantage of the many benefits of group practice. Here are some tips on how to start a Pagan group or coven of your own successfully.

What To Do With Pagan Stuff When Your House is on the Market
A reader says her realtor suggested she hide her Pagan books and wall hangings -- is the realtor being disrespectful, or is this really a matter of smart business practices?

Share Your Money-Saving Tips
Wondering how to get by in tough economic times? One of the first places Pagans and Wiccans cut back on spending is within their magical practice. Learn some of our tips for making ends meet, and share with us your own ideas for how to be a budget-savvy Pagan!

Pagan Living on a Budget
When times are tough economically, many Pagans and Wiccans find themselves wondering how they're going to afford the material needs for their spiritual practice. Read on for some tips about living magically in a way that won't break your bank account.

Setting and Achieving Your Goals - How to Make Sure You Can Achieve Your Goals
For many Pagans and Wiccans, goal-setting and change is part of spiritual transformation... but it's far easier to SAY you have a goal than it is to actually set one. Here are some tips on how to not only set your goals, but also make sure you can see them realized.

Techonopaganism - Using New Technology to Study Old Religions
Ever wonder if you really can blend science and spirituality? Is it okay to combine modern technological advances with nature-based religions? Sure! Find out why and how the internet has changed not only what we study and how we study, but who we study it with.

Meanings and Use of the Word "Warlock"
Call yourself a "warlock" at a Pagan event, and chances are you'll be met with a pretty negative reaction. Find out what the big deal is about "warlock", and why it may not be as horrible as people make it out to be.

How to Come Out of the Broom Closet
For many Wiccans and Pagans, the decision to come out of the broom closet and tell friends and family about their beliefs is a huge decision. How can you make the process a little easier -- and what should you NOT tell people?

Should You Come Out of the Broom Closet?
Some Pagans and Wiccans choose to keep their beliefs private, while others are open about their spirituality. Coming out of the broom closet is an intensely personal decision, and may not be for everyone. Read on to figure out the pros and cons of outing yourself as a Pagan or Wiccan in today's society.

How Did You Come Out of the Broom Closet?
Remember the first time you told someone you were Pagan or Wiccan? How did it feel? Was it scary, or just no big deal? Share your tips and advice with others on how you came out, and what you'd do differently if you had to do it again! See submissions

Where Are the Pagan Role Models?
A reader wants to know where all the Pagan role models are -- and the answer might surprise you!

Who Are Your Pagan Role Models?
Do you have a Pagan or Wiccan role model you'd like to tell us about? Share with us who you look up to, and why!

When You're Outed Online
Every once in a while, someone who is Pagan realizes that they've just "outed" themselves on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. If this happens to you, there's not much you can do after the fact - but if you're worried about people finding out online that you're Pagan, there are a few things you can do to prevent it from...

Finding a Pagan Teacher
Are you ready to start looking for someone to teach you about modern-day Paganism? Great! Here are some tips to keep in mind when you get started - as well as some hints on what NOT to do.

5 Mistakes New Pagans Make - and How To Avoid Them
Wondering about some of the common mistakes that new Pagans make? Here are some of the five most recognizable - and what you can do to avoid making them yourself!

Pagan Decorating Ideas
Are you a Pagan who'd like to add some signs and symbols of your beliefs into your home's decor? It's not complicated - use some very basic ideas and incorporate your gods and magic into your home.

Surviving Campus Life as a Pagan
Are you a Pagan college student? Here are some tips to help make things a little bit easier if you're a Wiccan or Pagan on campus.

The Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru
For many practitioners of Asatru, the Nine Noble Virtues serve as a useful guideline and code of moral and ethical conduct.

Ten Reasons Not to Become Pagan
People become Pagans or Wiccans for a variety of reasons. Most of those reasons are pretty good - but if yours appear on this list, you might want to rethink your whole spiritual journey and what you hope to get out of it.

Disabled Pagans
Pagans with physical disabilities face a unique set of challenges as members of our Pagan community. Let's look at how some of those issues affect them, and what non-disabled Pagans can do to be more inclusive.

Older Adults New to Paganism
While most people new to Paganism are younger, there is an increasing segment of the community that consists of older adults who are just discovering modern Paganism. If you're an older adult who's a "newbie," don't worry - you're not alone!

Elders - What Is a Pagan Elder?
Spend any time at all in the Pagan community, and you’re bound to hear someone referred to as an Elder. Let's talk about what that means, and who might be considered an Elder.

Working with Pagan Kids
Are you organizing an event for Pagan kids? Whether it's a regular group meetup, or a single event with activities, there are some things you'll need to keep in mind when working with Pagan kids.

Pagan Fundamentalism
Wondering what we mean when we talk about Pagan fundamentalists? Is the term even an accurate one? Find out here what the phrase means, and who we might apply it to.

Does Salem Ancestry Make Me Special?
A reader is certain that his Salem ancestry makes him special - so why does it seem like nobody cares? Let's talk about whether Salem ancestry makes you unusual in the Pagan community.

Group Dynamics and New Member Concerns
What do you do when someone really negative wants to join your group? It's important to be honest about your concerns, because one angry person can throw off a good group dynamic.

Why It's OK to Ask Questions
Are you a Pagan who asks a lot of questions about things that others tell you? Good! Here's why it's important to ask questions, be discerning, and not throw out words like "intolerant" when someone disagrees with you.

9 Tips For New Pagan Leaders
Are you new to Pagan leadership, or thinking about becoming a leader in the Pagan community? Here are a few things new leaders need to keep in mind.

10 Things Pagans Want You to Know
When we asked "What is the one thing you wish your non-Pagan friends knew about you?" we got hundreds of responses, sharing some common threads. See what Pagans want their non-Pagan friends and family to know!

Plastic Shamans
Have you ever heard the term plastic shaman while reading about Native American spirituality? Here are some warning signs to watch out for, and how to make sure you're not a victim of a plastic shaman.

Tips for Pagan Business Owners
Are you a Pagan shop owner? You're going to face some unique issues that non-Pagans don't, but we've got some tips from former and current Pagan business owners to help you out!

Are Online Witchcraft Classes Legitimate?
Readers want to know if online witchcraft classes are legitimate. That all depends on what you're really getting from the class, and how it's going to benefit you.

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