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Household Magic


For many people, magic is a practice that involves things you already have on hand. Rather than running out and spending a fortune on "supplies," you can find ways to use non-magical items in a magical manner. Let's look at some ideas that our readers had for different ways to incorporate the mundane into spellwork and ritual!


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Wondering how to use an arrow in household magic? Our readers recommend all kinds of things, including using it to find your way when you've stepped off a path, honoring Athena or Diana, to cast a circle or replace a wand, or even bringing love your way.


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Did you know that you can use something as simple as a battery in household magic? Readers recommend all kinds of ideas, including storing energy, replacing a candle, balance and decision making processes, and "jump starting" new projects.


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You probably don't have a bunch of beehives lying around your house, but that's okay - they're out there, and if you stumble across one, you can (if you're careful) use it in your magical workings. Readers recommendations include workings involving fertility and abundance, industriousness and the harmony of home and community.


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Quite possibly, few things are as magical as the basic broom. Long known as one of the most popular tools in a witch’s magical arsenal, the broom has a lengthy and complex history of folklore, legend, and mystery behind it. Let’s look at some of the many stories about the broom.


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You know that jar of buttons you've got sitting in the back of your sewing drawer? Why not use them in a magical manner? Readers suggest using buttons for all kinds of things, including binding spells, chakra balancing, knot magic or a pendulum, or for poppet parts!


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Ever think about using a calculator in household magic? Why not? It's full of numbers, and that means all kinds of magical things. Reader suggest using a calculator in spells involving finances and prosperity, as well as for quick numerology results or even for Kaballah!

Cheese Grater

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Admittedly, a cheese grater doesn't seem like a very magical item - you'll probably never see one in the local Olde Wytchy Shoppe. But that doesn't mean it can't be used in magical ways. Our readers suggest all kinds of neat ideas, including using in banishing rituals, to grate herbs and candle wax, eliminating obstacles, and yes, even cooking!

Dog Biscuit

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Got dogs in your life? If you do, you've probably got dog biscuits or other puppy treats in your pantry. Consider using them for magical workings involving animals, loyalty, prosperity, or work with canine deities.


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Got a bunch of old DVDs lying around? Why not use them in magic and ritual? Our readers suggest using them as upcycled candle plates, prisms, protection magic, or even to reflect moonlight into a dark place.


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We don't typically think of eating utensils as being magical, but you might be surprised at some of the ideas our readers came up with. You can use forks as meditative tools, as a substitute wand or athame, or even to represent deities who hold tridents in their hands!

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