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Toy Cars: Household Magic


Toy Cars
Toy Cars: Household Magic
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For many people, being an effective practitioner of magic includes the ability to think outside the box. By being a creative and imaginative thinker, you can find magical uses for non-magical items. In 2008, About Pagan/Wiccan featured a weekly series in which readers were challenged to find ways of using regular household items as magical tools. For eighteen weeks, our readers came up with unconventional ways to turn regular items around the house into components in magical workings. Let's take a look at some of the mundane items that we offered, and some of the clever and creative ideas our readers had.

Toy Cars

Ross: One could use a toy car in a ritual designed to protect one’s car during a long trip or for general protection (if you have to park on the street, as in my case).

Spellcaster: I would enchant the toy car & use it as a talisman for protection & safety during a journey.Also an enchantment could be placed upon the toy car to use in a magickal spell to obtain a new car(Law Of Attraction)

Mrs. B: I would use the toy car in a ritual or spell when I need to have more energy, or need to really power a spell – kind of a “get your motor revving” kind of thing!

Michael: A toy car could be used for spellwork to keep a car from being vandalized or tampered with. Maybe even as an object of desire in meditation and prayer for a much needed new car for yourself, your family or someone who cannot afford one, but needs one.

FairyBear: How about using the fire truck as a talisman to protect your house against fire. OR look past the vehicle image and use it as a talisman/charm for spells relating to children (safety, fertility, or playfulness).

Celtic Joie: I would combine some of the suggested uses and use it in a protection / personal growth spell for my son when he is learning to drive (and maybe for me to have patience with the process!)

Zak: You could even use a toy truck (the big rig variety) as a charm for abundance, or a toy ambulance as a charm for health. Possibly a toy police car to remind your kids to follow the rules.

Emma: I would use a toy car in a spell for a new vehicle, maybe my son's Ferrari. Protection on long journeys too, maybe even finance for the new car.

Anavrin: I would definitely use a toy car as my focus object in spells for a new car. I’d find a toy one as close to my ideal car as possible and then hold it in my hands as I visualize myself paying for, and receiving the keys to, my new car.

Freilah: I would use a toy car, picturing it whole & in perfect working order, as a symbol in my ritual, to help get my car fixed, and to keep it working properly. I might roll the toy car along a picture of a small road for safe travel free from traffic trouble, then picture the car in the perfect parking space.

Andie: Element symbols! Earth could be a tractor or a dump truck, Fire could be a car with flame decals, Water could be a blue car, a boat, or even a fire truck- don’t let the color fool you!- and Wind could be a toy plane.

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