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Patti Wigington

September 19: Harvest Moon

By September 17, 2013

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Celebrate the harvest moon!
Celebrate the Harvest Moon!
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September has arrived, and where I live the days have gotten cool, and the nights even cooler. There's a chill in the air that wasn't there before, and here in the midwest we're worshiping at the altar of Football Friday Nights. My garden is overflowing with tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, beans and corn, and the leaves on my crimson maple have gone from green to purple overnight. It's those little signs that fall is approaching, and that soon the days will grow short and the skies gray as we say farewell to summer. This month's full moon is called, for good reason, the Harvest Moon. It's a month to celebrate the final bounties of the fields, to put things aside for the coming winter, and to count the blessings and abundance that we have in our lives.

The colors of the harvest moon celebration match those of the changing earth around us -- browns and greens, and other earth tones. Gemstones such as bloodstone and peridot, and herbs like valerian and witch hazel all have correspondences to this month's moon. It's a time to honor both harvest deities -- like Demeter and Freyja -- and gods of hearth and home, such as Vesta and Brighid. Spend some time making your home ready for the coming winter months. Do some baking, canning, preserving. If you don't have a kitchen altar, set one up. Keep a pot of comfort food on the stove, for those chilly afternoons when you need something to warm the body and soul.

This month's moon is also known as the Wine Moon or the Singing Moon. Why not celebrate it with an Autumn Full Moon Group Rite? Enjoy the change of seasons while you can - soon the shorter days will be upon us!

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