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Patti Wigington

No More Magic on EBay

By August 16, 2012

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Back in June we all had a few good giggles about the return of the Booty Enhancement Spell seller on Ebay, who promised to give you firm and sexy curves to bring all the boys to your yard. Now, sadly, Ebay has announced a change in policies that will prohibit the sale of spells, potions, and according to their Fall Seller's Update, the new rule is in place: "The following items are also being added to the prohibited items list: advice; spells; curses; hexing; conjuring; magic; prayers; blessing services; magic potions; healing sessions."

Now, what I find REALLY interesting is that if you read this article over on Mashable, there are people screaming Discrimination! Wiccans Must Unite Against the Ebay Overlords! And yet, this isn't a case of religious discrimination at all - it's a case of a business realizing that customers are being made victims of fraud by unscrupulous sellers - and putting practices in place to prevent the problem from continuing. It does not say "No Wiccans, No Pagans, No Druids." It says no magic, spells or potions, or prayers -- that's an entirely separate thing.

Personally, I'm a little sad Ebay has done this, because it means fewer things for me to make fun of, but it's definitely a smart business decision.

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August 16, 2012 at 9:04 am
(1) Satori says:

Removing spell kits and such gives you “fewer things to make fun of”? Really, Patti? Kind of rude coming from someone who writes a Pagan column, I think. Wow, you’ve really disappointed me with that attitude.

August 16, 2012 at 9:08 am
(2) Jon Baldry says:

What a thoroughly sane and sensible response! It does irritate me somewhat when fellow Pagans go off on one about this kind of thing. I was recently banned from a Facebook site called Pagan Artists of Facebook. My crime?? I simply pointed out after the site got a warning from Facebook and the owners said that they would have to crack down on the art being posted on the site (What the warning was actually for was never made known to my knowledge) and that Facebook must obviously be discriminating against Pagans that maybe, just maybe the warning might actually be about the amount of copyright theft going on on the site and art being posted with people taking credit for things they hadn’t done. Of course though it couldn’t have been that, Facebook were obviously on a crusade against Pagans and I was some kind of hater!! It reminds me a bit of some of the stories you hear about people being asked to take of religious jewellery of one description or another. I’ve been asked this in the past and after enquiring as to the reason was told there was a ‘no jewellery’ policy for health and safety reasons. Fine says I and I took my pentacle off. Later, someone else was asked the same thing and started talking about taking the company in question to court for religious discrimination!

Sometimes you have to accept that they’re just not out to get at us!!

August 16, 2012 at 9:10 am
(3) paganwiccan says:

Sartori (1):

The fact that I write a Pagan column does not prevent or preclude me from being amused when I find people selling things like the Booty Enhancement Spell on Ebay. Can’t help it, it makes me roll my eyes and giggle.


August 16, 2012 at 10:37 am
(4) Ariena says:

I have to agree with ebays choice, it’s not only a good business move but there is far too many false sales of spells targeting teenagers still learning. It gives out way too many false ideas in my opinion and won’t be missed.

August 16, 2012 at 12:04 pm
(5) Archer Ravenaon says:

I don’t know, I’m kinda of saddened that eBay would do this. If someone is truly dumb enough to buy something called the booty enhancement spell or they are in need enough to pay for blessings or prayers then it is their money and eBay should have no say in what they spend it on. This is really not a matterof eBay saying what we can’t sell but a matter eBay saying what the don’t want their members buying.

August 16, 2012 at 12:04 pm
(6) Mandy says:

I have to agree – this is in no way discrimination against Pagans (being one myself). The prohibitions also include ‘prayers, blessing services and healing sessions’. People are quick to jump on a bandwagon screaming ‘discrimination’ as and when it suits them.

And I have to agree, if I, even as a Pagan, saw and advert on Ebay for a ‘Booty Enhancement Spell’ I would laugh my booty right off!

August 16, 2012 at 12:09 pm
(7) Shady says:

My understanding is that the rule doesn’t mean no Pagan-related items at all, just no subjective promises. Nothing unsubstantial, like a “booty enhancement spell” that you can’t prove didn’t work for your money back. The only exception to that, I think, is the potion rule, but again, it’s more of a promise of what it will do (not to mention potentially dangerous if it’s supposed to be ingested or something), and Ebay can’t measure the success rate to know if you’re being ripped off or not.

Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

August 16, 2012 at 12:29 pm
(8) Saffire says:

I agree with you, Patti. Not discrimination at all! I think those outcries are coming from either #1 – those whose scamming and ridiculousness are being banned or #2 – those witches/pagan/druids/what-have-you who are too “inside the box” to see what’s really going on. We don’t always have to scream “DISCRIMINATION” to everything that includes our religions. Not all of it is prejudice.

Wake up, guys. When you holler “The sky is falling!” every time, the populace start to look at ALL of us as being nutjobs and scammers.

August 16, 2012 at 12:55 pm
(9) Debbie says:

I bet there was too many customers on eBay complains about those who were selling them spell things, etc. I personally would never sell things like that. That’s not really being a good Witch. I don’t think we should be selling our spells. I believe spells are powerful prayers that are private unless working within a group for the good of others. So I agree with you. I didn’t see anything about Wiccan/WItchy things like stones, crystals, etc. Supplies. Just spell work, kits, etc. Blessings to all who cross this page. Love and Light.

August 16, 2012 at 1:43 pm
(10) ShoryoTombo says:

I love making fun of those eBay sellers who sells stupid things like that. I’m glad eBay stepped up to the plate and remove all these nutjobs.

August 16, 2012 at 1:47 pm
(11) DonnaB says:

I have to agree that this was a good move on Ebay’s part. Clearly there were issues of fraud that needed to be addressed. I don’t see how a spell or other spiritual offering would mesh well with Ebay’s accountability and feedback systems, even in cases where the seller was honest and above the board. It’s a very subjective experience under the best of circumstance, and a nightmare when there is fraud involved.

The new policy would ban any type of prayer or healing services, so no reiki, no intercessory prayer, no tarot. It doesn’t seem focused on the pagan community in any way, but focused on preventing fraud by banning services they are not equipped to evaluate.

August 16, 2012 at 2:15 pm
(12) Alan Heartsong says:

I’m all in favor of this change. I too will miss out on the blatant fraud items on eBay such as “This RARE haunted ring contains a POWERFUL Jinn! His power is unmatched! Centuries of hidden secrets can be yours!”…Buy It Now price: $19.95…We take PayPal.”

However, I think that eBay making this change is a good thing to protect gullible fools who buy them expecting them to work. Maybe they’ll actually get some *real* help if this isn’t out there to distract them.

August 16, 2012 at 2:19 pm
(13) Priestess says:

I do not think discrimination is te issue here, its a matter of them seeing it as a safety for their customers and a business. I’ve seen plenty of that stuff myself on ebay and I just right on. However, I do think that if someone wants to buy such a thing, it is their business. If they desire to put money into that, its up to them and on them.

To me it kind of says, well because you all are too stupid and uneducated to tell that you shouldn’t buy this, we have decided that we have to hold everyone’s hand and coddle you all. Like a bunch of moron children.

So it does ruin it for the rest of us that are educated and well versed in Paganism and the Occult. Why? Because, you got some good things in the potions and such. Leave it to the whining, uneducated idiots to ruin things for the rest of us.

Hopefully this won’t affect selling of bound spirits. Many of you might think that, that its false. But I have bought quite a few bound spirits off ebay, and all of them have bound spirits. Its a matter of knowing, sensing, seeing. I’m sure there are frauds, but still. I’d hate to see the good, honest sellers that have real bound Djinn and such to be banned over stupidity and stupid people.

Such as he case here.

As for the way this was written. I find it highly offensive, for the simple fact that its rude. Patti Wigington, you are NOT the end all be all knowledge in Paganism. The fact that you hoist yourself like this is honestly disgusting. No actual self respecting Pagan would openly say anything like this. It would be more along the lines of this: I’m sorry, but I find this to be crap, but its up to everyone else to make their choice. They don’t sit around hoisting themselves onto pedastools like they are better than others.

Its sad, disgusting and dissapointing to see that so many Pagans have become Christian in their thinking and behavior.

And Patti Wigington that is what you have become. For Shame!

August 16, 2012 at 4:20 pm
(14) Mephisto says:

Way I see it, Patti has the right to speak her mind as much as the rest of us. This IS her page, after all and if we disagree we can always go read something else. If you don’t like Leno, you can switch to Letterman rather than continue watching and then bitchaboutit..I don’t always agree with everything I see here, but you have to judge for yourself.

That said, I’d have to agree that this isn’t really discrimination, but an attempt to weed out the fraud -which most of those promised remedies are. No potion or spell is going to solve your problems if the magic isn’t in YOU. I’ve made and sold magic wands on eBay, and it amazes me that there’s wand sellers there who make all sorts of outrageous claims of what their wand can do for you. It’s all bull, of course, and it only preys on the gullible. A wand, like any other ritual tool, is just a tool -a stick, to put it bluntly. No matter how pretty and elaborate it may be, no matter what wood or other material it’s made from, it’s still a stick. The magic comes from YOU and that cannot be sold on eBay or anywhere else, any more than happiness can be packaged and sold. Too many otherwise intelligent people seem to think otherwise, and they are in for a rude awakening. They are also prohibiting prayer sales. Prayers have their place but eBay isn’t it. If people would simply sell the prayer itself, printed on a nice background and framed, it’d be fine. But like chain-letters, they have to toss in a “promise” that it’ll work for whatever ails you. This is like peddling snake oil, complete wit the cure-all promises. Guns and liquor cannot be sold on eBay, and we don’t see hunters and alcoholics complaining that it’s discriminatory!

Be thankful that they are not excluding everything Pagan/Wiccan, like some search engines and browsers do. THAT would be discrimination!

August 16, 2012 at 4:58 pm
(15) Ezzie says:

Gee…..did it say anything about banning the sell of a piece of Elvis’s hair?? Which by the way could very easily be “spell cast”!! I mean, come on…seriously? Control..Control..Control….I do agree that i’m not a fan of some of the ridiculous “scams” that have been up for sell, but again..if you want to buy into it…buy into it!! I think Patti is allowed to laugh…some of the things up for sell are pretty funny. However, I think it was “un-tastefully” done. Of course, she’s allowed her opinion as am I. But again I say, seriously? Ban?? I will be doing a special eBay search for more “ridiculous” things they should ban…but first, I’m bidding on that piece of Elvis hair!! )0(

August 16, 2012 at 7:39 pm
(16) Stephy says:

I can see why they did it, and as long as they don’t start banning religious ITEMS rather than just the spells/prayers/whatever, then I’m good with it. With the items, you get something tangible, and whether it does what it says or not, you actually got the item. There’s no way to enforce the sale of only legitimate spells so that people don’t get cheated, and with the number of fraud spellcasters on eBay, it’s only logical that they’d ban it.

August 16, 2012 at 9:10 pm
(17) EgSumLamia says:

It’s her page, Ms. Patti shouldn’t have to censor herself. I have to agree, taking advantage of gullible people is a very dishonest practice. All those who “peddled” those wares will fall victim to the 3fold non-sense, karma or what ever a PC correct Pagan calls it.

It looks bad on all of us. It has nothing to do with censoring Pagans it has to do with dishonest business practices.

Now E-bay needs to do away with porn, because we know real women aren’t like that ad it’s false advertising. :)

Keep up the good work here Patti. If they don’t like it they can’t go elsewhere

August 16, 2012 at 9:51 pm
(18) Dwan McCarthy says:

Personally, and this is just my opinion – hopefully respected as I respect yours – I don’t think it is ethical to sell spells or potions. I’m sorry, I know people do make a living at this, but to me it is just like selling indulgences, snake oil, and prayers. If you are doing magic for someone else, which is far less effective than people doing magic for themselves, then you shouldn’t charge for it – it should be a gift. Selling bottles and wands and altar bowls is great – that is your own handiwork. But selling your own magic? Huh uh. It is virtually impossible for any customer to know up front whether or not the practitioner is any good, and that DOES leave the field ripe for charlatans. It didn’t work? Your intention wasn’t right. Money back? Nope, not my problem. I mean, come on. We’re SUPPOSED to write our own spells and put together our own potions. If you want to sell me the oils and herbs to do so, fine. But we should be encouraging novices to take responsibility and create their own magic.

August 16, 2012 at 10:23 pm
(19) Ken Ra says:

By banning these things that No One can guarantee they have made it harder for the liars and thieves to operate. They have also acted to protect those lacking good sense from wasting their money. Over all I believe that this is a good thing that they have done. This is my opinion as an Ordained individual as well as an Initiated and Wiccan priest since 1968. Blessed Be

August 17, 2012 at 10:13 am
(20) Chanel says:

GOOD! evidently someone at E-bay mixed up the online bidding, the pair of ruby slippers I order must have gotten mixed up with someone’s big butt spell, now I have to haul it everywhere.

August 17, 2012 at 11:34 am
(21) Cindy Wilson says:

I echo the sentiments of others for the marketing and hype on eBay of what may or may not be legitimate items. I do however think it is a slippery slope when the all or nothing approach is applied as it was in this case.

I was also saddened to see so many negative comments against divination. While it may not be part of your Pagan practices, it certainly is of mine. Since some are frauds, punish all readers? Sounds much like the narrow mindedness of the courts where this issue has been fought and hard won. Now I have to defend readings to other Pagans?

I don’t sell readings on eBay but I do use Paypal for charges for my time. No one can validate reading except the one who receives the reading. I would hate to lose this venue because of a very subjective and sweeping decision of inclusion. Get rid of all and they’re sure to get the guilty? I think this should be rethought out.

August 17, 2012 at 1:42 pm
(22) Nikki says:

You start taking away freedoms (like what you can spend your money on) then little by little freedoms disappear.

I am not a charlatan and my clients are not stupid. I cast spells for people and they pay me to do so. I’ve been doing this for ten years now on the internet and I have helped many people.

I don’t believe that “everyone” can cast spells. That is simply not true in the same sense that not everyone can be a Priest or a Doctor or a Chef. I have years of practice and education on my side as to the spells I cast. No potential pagans come to me to have spells cast but laypeople who are NOT pagans or witches. If you call yourself a witch obviously you should cast your own spells. But for people in the world who want to have spells cast for them? How dare anyone else decide for them what they can purchase?

In the ancient times people came to the wisewoman for spells. They traded for her services. Since that is not possible in a global economy (and half my clients are International) I accept payment for my services.

That my fellow witches and pagans start telling me how to live, how to cast spells, what is right and not right is in itself ANTI-PAGAN.

That’s fine from ebay since they are a business who can decide how they want to do things (though I do not agree with it as I’ve said since the next step is banning all pagan goods) but when people start saying that others are dumb for purchasing a spell and that I should not ever sell spells and my services (I read Tarot too) then I get pretty miffed.

If I was a Doctor, I could charge money. If I was a Christian Preacher I could ask for money. But because I am a working witch I should work for free?

What world do you people live in?

And Patti I never came to your page before but your attitude is self-righteous and completely unfriendly. Who are you? The Pagan Police?

August 18, 2012 at 7:59 am
(23) paganwiccan says:

I have to say, I had no idea that being a Pagan meant I wasn’t allowed to find certain Ebay sale items ridiculous. Honestly, if finding the “Booty Enhancement Spell” and the “Powerful Wiccan Magic Tarot Spell” listings cringeworthy makes me a bad person, then I can live with it.

Truth is, I’m amazed that a simple comment about how ludicrous I find such things has caused a few of you to accuse me of “self-righteousness”, “Christian in thinking”, and “the end all be all knowledge.” Really, folks, a few of y’all are reading FAR more into this than necessary.

That said, one of the things I love about writing this page is that for the most part, disagreement is kept pretty civil. You don’t have to agree with everyone else here – and neither do I.


August 18, 2012 at 9:35 pm
(24) CW says:

Several people here are pointing fingers at Patti and declaring that she’s being judgmental. I call bullpuckey.
Patti simply says that she laughed at something she finds amusing. She’s honest, open about it, she says it up front and doesn’t snicker up her sleeve. That’s refreshing. It’s the equivalent of giggling a bit when someone flails a bit on the ice, versus someone not telling you when you’ve got your skirt tucked in your panties and letting you leave the house that way, but not before taking a picture and posting it on Facebook with your name in the tag. (Seriously, which one of these examples would you rather be friends with?)

What it’s not is judgmental. Or self-righteous. Or the declaration of what ALL good pagans must do or be. Because NOT ONCE does Patti say that it’s not pagan to buy potions or spells, she just says she thinks it’s funny.

Unlike some of the comments.

Not all pagans hate Christians. We weren’t all taught that way, and we don’t all endorse it. What we do hate is hypocrisy. The doing of the very thing you profess to hate; the hypocrisy of Christians, who claim to love their neighbor but in reality only foster hate, and the hypocrisy in pagans, some of whom are more than willing to pick up stones faster than any Christian has done.

It is hypocrisy to crap on someone for exercising their freedom of speech, when you are exercising that same right by leaving a nasty comment on their page. It is hypocrisy to call one group of people whiny, uneducated idiots and then turn around and blast Patti for giggling a bit at human foibles.
It is hypocrisy to tell Patti that she cannot tell someone what it means to be pagan, when you yourself are insulting her for being non-pagan.

For shame!!!!

August 21, 2012 at 10:00 am
(25) Victoria says:

Go to Etsy for magical needs. Most sellers on there provide legitimate items and don’t really claim that their products will work, except for spell kits. Etsy’s URL is http://www.etsy.com. However, the bad thing about that site is that people are charging $200 and up for wands and similar things, making young Pagans think that they need to spend a lot of money to get something beautiful, which is obviously untrue.


August 31, 2012 at 8:54 am
(26) Bella says:

I don’t really know why there’s so much fuss about all of this. I personally would never buy spells or any other magic related items on E bay- there are plenty of respectable occult shops online which sell their goods cheaply and their goods are genuine- a piece of quartz from an occult shop is more likely to be a piece of quartz than something purchased on E bay.

To be honest these spell packs aren’t actually doing us Pagans any good anyway. What do you think the Booty Enhancement Kit says about us?- it gives people who truly practice magic the wrong image. It makes us appear shallow when actually we’re the opposite.

I’m not out to say anyone’s wrong or right but I can only see this benefiting our online occult stores by reducing competition from these multinational companies.

September 10, 2012 at 3:37 am
(27) LC says:

Patti,I have always enjoyed reading here.The information on your pages have been helpful and fun to read.After reading your views on Ebay’s ban? I can now say I have even more respect for you and your site.

There are a couple…. sites… I have stopped reading because of the anger at Ebay’s decision. And the reason why some are angry is because…they are part of the problem.Or at best turn a blind eye to the problem.

Thank you Patti for the information you put out there on your pages and for sharing your ideas,etc.It is appreciated.

September 26, 2012 at 1:28 pm
(28) Maia says:

Seriously? A Booty enhancement spell? Ugh. That isn’t discrimination. Its cracking down on idiocy.
I’m Wiccan myself. I’ve been studying the craft ever since I was little. even I know Vanity spells can bite you back and can often be fake. and I suppose Ebay knows the same.

I don’t blame you one bit for laughing Patti. Those who scream “DISCRIMINATION OH MY GOSH HOW DARE YOU” are kinda being idiots….

–Maia Dalnae

October 23, 2012 at 2:14 am
(29) May D. says:

Just an FYI–eBay is now removing items like pendulums and incense.

Yes-Non spell cast items used in rituals and Practice.

They are now going after listings that even mention any commonly accepted energies like Quartz being a high energy stone or certain stones corresponding to chakras. Also any essential oil scent or herbal correspondence. I know this for a fact. They have removed pendulums I myself had listed as well as some from several others who are only offering tools and supplies.

I had all my incense listings and pendulum listings removed today. I expect my wands will be next because I mention a bit about how wands are used in magick and why certain stones are used in each.

I’m calling eBay tomorrow hoping it was a mistake because of keywords in my titles but I know several other sellers of TOOLS and crystal healing/stone jewelry have all been told eBay is no longer even allowing mention of commonly accepted stone and crystal correspondences.

So what started as a ban on spells and readings is now moving into other areas of metaphysical practice.

February 5, 2014 at 3:40 pm
(30) Christina says:

I am a 14 year metaphysical , witch/pagan seller on ebay and this has not bothered me in the least!
ebay is not so much discriminating as they are trying to get rid of items that are not items. It is very hard to determine if someone receives a spell, healing session,advice, ect. It is simply not a physical item and that is what ebay sells, physical items!
How can one ever determine if non-physical items are as advertised?
I was told by ebay that none of my items were going to be jeopardized, since they are all actual items. For instance,. my spell oils are oils, so they are fine. So are spell candles, spell kits, ritual tools, etc.
Not sure why all the fuss over this one, it really makes sense to me.

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