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Patti Wigington

Google Makes 5 Dead Sea Scrolls Searchable

By September 28, 2011

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In case you weren't already convinced that Google is the Grand High Corporate Overlord of Everything, now the company has partnered with the Israel Museum to make five of the Dead Sea Scrolls available for searching and scanning. The museum's website will allow users to do some pretty neat things with the ancient texts.

"You have the capability with high-resolution definition to look at the scrolls in a comfortable setting - to enlarge them, to magnify them, to translate them into English and to search for words, phrases or verses that you want to find on your own," said James Snyder, director of the Israel Museum. "It really allows for your own interactive research with the material."

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September 29, 2011 at 8:54 am
(1) cernowain greenman says:

The Dead Sea scrolls didn’t turn out to be as earth-shaking as once hoped. It was thought they would be the “missing link” between Judaism and Christianity, but no such link was found.

It was the Nag Hammadi scrolls that really revolutionized our understanding of the early church, being a voice for the part of the church that was suppressed by Rome. It also contained the Gospel of Thomas which became one of the “Five Gospels” for historical Jesus researchers.

So, the impact of the Nag Hammadi discovery was much greater than that of the Dead Sea scrolls ever was.

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