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Patti Wigington

Spirit Guides, and What They Aren't

By November 29, 2007

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Many of us in the Pagan and Wiccan community acknowledge the presence of spirit guides -- some of us have them, and those who don't have one generally know someone who does. However, there are some differing opinions on what exactly the purpose of a spirit guide is. If you don't have a spirit guide, how exactly do you find one? More importantly, if you do have one, how do you know it's really got your best interests at heart?

Be sure to read the section on hints that your spirit guide may not be a spirit guide at all.
December 11, 2007 at 9:26 am
(1) Ladonna says:

I know I have a spirit guide.There has been a few times in my life when I have had help from them.I have never talked to the spirit guide,but I would like to learn how only to thank them for their help.
I believe that they are only here to help us.I have heard that they may be one of your late family or could be another spiritual you.I may never know in this life time,I am just thankful that they are here for me.
Many blessings.

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